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Jan 23, 2007 05:13 PM

What's Good @ Rae?

I'm going to Rae for the first time Wednesday night. I looked at the menu online and it seems to be a mix of interesting Gayle-like deconstructions, more traditional preparations, and a lighter bar menu. Since I had an excellent meal at Gayle a couple of months ago, I'm inclined to go with the former. Can anyone whose been to Rae offer some recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. The place is annoying.
    The whole deconstruction-cute menu language is just silly and he food isnt that good.
    It's so bright like eating in an airport terminal and as romantic as taking your wife to a power tool convention.

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      Having just agreed with your evaluation of Oceanaire in a prevous post, I must disagree with you on Rae. I had a very good meal there a couple of weeks ago.

      The menu worked really well for my group. The "meat and potatoes" guy really enjoyed his straight forward steak. Another ordered the chicken (which I accidentally tasted before I realized that the server had placed the wrong dish in front of me). We shared a couple of appetizers that tasted as interesting as they sounded (including a thin crusted truffle pizza and a Philly smoked salmon pretzel). My rabbit was a great rustic rendition. They had a large, fairly priced wine list. We ate upstairs in a cozy, quiet loft. Downstairs, the booths seemed equally inviting, with a good view of the open kitchen. It's a great place for dinner or, if you order from the bar menu, for lunch or a snack.

    2. Of course you can disagree, nothing wrong with that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the restaurant is so big that it spills into the lobby under the escalator and it is singularly the brightest dining room after 5pm in philadelphia. "Rabbit Nachos?" who does that ?
      Half the menu is safe and boring, the other tries too hard and pretty much looks that way.
      They cant pull off concepts of modern cooking and molecular gastronomy cuteness, the "mushroom paper" our waiter described to us (served with mushroom soup) was just silly and tasteless. The rest as you say is just meat and potatos.
      The point is why do I want to drive to a multi level garage of which the lower floors are reserved for office workers to park my car, take an elevator down, walk through a lobby, be questioned by cira center renta-cops as to why I am there only to eat a mediocre meal that is no better than what I can eat in center city at Rouge (which I despise) or Brasserie Perrier ?

      This review says it all......

      By the way what was it you had exactly that you mistook for chicken ?