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Jan 23, 2007 04:47 PM

Big Bullys BBQ- Burgers, Turkey Tips, 80 Flavors Of Ice Cream. Beverly, MA

My kids and I are always on the lookout for new "family friendly" restaurants with good quality. Well, we encountered one amazing restaurant while at the North Beverly Plaza in Beverly, MA.

"Big Bully's BBQ- Burgers and Ice Cream" is located there, and we had an absolutely fantastic meal. I went in expecting just a regular sit down burger joint, and I was shocked. They charbroil their meats..not flat iron (cough cough Fuddruckers), and have an ice cream bar stretching the length of the entire restaurant. The quality was amazing, and you can't get more kid friendly than 80 flavors of all Richardsons ice Cream. The owner came out to check on our service, and informed me that they carry every single flavor on the Richardsons menu. To my knowledge, no other restaurant does that. You should have seen the faces on my kids when they all got free samples! My burger was juicy and HUGE. I'd never had turkey tips before, but theirs were delicious.

To sum up- Turkey Tips, a big cheeseburger and a lot of ice cream..only 20 dollars. Absolutely a great deal. I did a google search and found their website at Highly recommended!

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  1. This place looks amazing!
    I'm planning a trip there right now.
    You're post has made me very happy :)

    1. This place could not have been all that great - it is now out of business! :-)

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      1. re: beachbabydiner

        It was a great place, but the rent in the N. Beverly plaza was too expensive so they are moving to Salem. So you should try it out before you say it wasn't that great.

        1. re: ilk2teach

          Please keep us posted on the re-opening.

          1. re: gramercyfoodie

            A quick search led me to information that the owner is getting out of the business due to help problems, and another Big Bully is supposed to open (or already opened) in North Attleboro.


            This blog has a blurb on it, too:


            There are a zillion reasons that can lead to a restaurant closing - looks like this owner was wise, though - all the great tasting food in the world (and money) is worth nothing if it costs a person his or her life!

            1. re: threedogs

              I actually did eat at the one in Beverly before it closed. The ice cream was great! Everything else was just "OK." The person I was with said the steak tips were gamey and I thought expensive given that you eat on styrofoam. I can't vouch for the Attleboro location, but I believe it is owned by someone else.

              1. re: beachbabydiner

                If the Phantom Gourmet is accurate, they got their ice cream from Richardson's, which indeed puts out an excellent product.

      2. had burgers from the one in North Attleboro MA last night - delicious!