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Jan 23, 2007 04:25 PM

how far have you gone for an in-n-out burger?

Hello -- I'm looking to hear any and all stories of devoted in-n-out fans: how far have you traveled for a double double? what is your favorite INO story? how often do you go? how did you first get turned on to IN0 and what happened, how was the experience? Are you a vegetarian and still eat a grilled cheese at INO -- animal style/ happy eating....and sharing

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  1. We have moved your posting here from the L.A. board as In-N-Out has stores throughout California, Arizona and Nevada and this is where we discuss chains that cross our regional boards. It seems that you may be doing some research for an article here, if so, please extend the usual journalistic courtesy by citing Chowhound as your source.

    You will find very strong opinions about In-N-Out here.

    1. well I guess I'll start it off. We waited for the opening of the first San Jose store several years ago. We had heard the stories, longed for the taste, we knew that there would be lines. But we waited, I don't remember how long, but as we approached the take out window, the drool starting to make it's way down our chins. We ordered the usual burger, shake and fries. Slowly moving down watching the potatoe friers diligently preparing the potatoes. That first bite....onion, that was all you could taste. The fries were another story, soggy, actually, I'm not sure they were even cooked. The shake, well, nothing to write home about. We chalked it up to opening day and needing to get the kinks out, but after a couple more trys, and no impovement we scratched it off the list. Maybe it's gotten better, but I'd rather have a taco from across the street.

      1. 50 feet - and it was too far!

        1. 3000 miles. :) I never eat fast food burgers here in NYC but on my first trip to LA in October I knew I had to try one. And it was awesome. I am just glad they don't have INO here 'cuz I would eat them too often (for dietary reasons, not good!). I also tried Carl's Jr while out there and while decent, not something I felt I would need to have again...repeatedly. My friends here, who all know I gave up FF burgers years ago were very amused by my detailed accounts of both places.

          1. We moved to North Carolina 7 years ago from So. Cal. & visit about once a year. The first thing we do when we get off the plane is go to In-n-Out. When I was planning our trip a few years ago, I called In-n-Out & asked what hotel was within walking distance of the Ontario airport since we were arriving late & couldn't rent a car until the next day. Unfortunately, our plane was 2 hours late & In-n-Out was closed by the time we arrived at the hotel. :(