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Hipstix, reviewed

Threw caution to the wind and had a very quick solo meal last night at Hipstix. I grilled the waitress, who said that it's owned by the same people as Rock 'n' Sake, but all of the food is made in house (and that the crusty baguette is from a Vietnamese bakery in the East).

The interior of the restaurant is very very similar to the former Tchoup 'n' Joes (also owned by the RNS people), with that same obnoxious post-rock music and big screen tvs you can see all of the way down Tchoupitoulas at Cochon. Nevertheless, it's probably not as overwhelming if the place were more filled. They've been open a week and seem to do a swift lunch business but was pretty dead on a Monday night.

Onto the food: I didn't have the luxury of going with a group so we could order a bunch of things and taste it all. On the waitress's rec, I got the grilled shrimp skewer w/ stix sauce appetizer, which I was somewhat skeptical about on the menu, but turned out to be perfectly grilled shrimp (6) and a spicy chili-yogurt sauce ($8). For dinner, I chose the thai coconut curry with marinated chicken simmered in a coconut curry broth (w/ potatoes, carrots and herbs) and served with two large hunks of baguette (HUGE, pleasantly spicy portion for $8.5). Sodas have free refills.

There are lots of delicious looking things on the menu (heavy emphasis on Vietnamese/Thai)-- if I had gone in with friends, I would have definitely gotten the korean short ribs with kimchee over jasmine or brown rice ($12) or tried the "BBQ meatball po-boy Deconstructed" (oy, is everything deconstructed now?). Their description of that dish was "soft, tender meatballs slow simmered in a chinese BBQ broth, housemade aioli, fresh herbs, and vegetables served with dipping bread" ($5!). There are lots of pleasing looking things on the menu and there was lots of flavor in both of the dishes I had. I asked whether they're going more for an authentic flavor or an Americanized one and the waitress breezily said authentic-- and that they're extremely proud of their crab rangoon which are made in-house, unlike a lot of places around town. I'll reserve judgment on authentic v. not until I've have more of their food.

Martinis, cosmos and things are around $8. The most expensive thing on the menu is $12 but most are under ten. Portions are ample and presentation is unpretentious. There is a curious note on the bottom of the menu that takeout orders are subject to "box charges," but those are unspecified.

No phone number is listed online yet, but the menu gives 504-581-2858. 870 Tchoupitoulas in the Warehouse district.

Everything was steaming hot (a rarity sometimes), and service was solid.
It's definitely worth an easy weekday meal and probably everyone in the family can find something. Also probably good for after-work meal or drinks with people you have no romantic interest in (see: giant tv screens and ugly radio noise).

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  1. Thanks for the report. I love all the details and look forward to trying Hipstix.

    1. I second that! I will definitely give it a try the next time I am in the neighborhood.

      1. Thanks for trying it! Glad to have another option for (non-Japanese) Asian food. And open on a Monday night.

        1. Went here last night...If you know Vietnamese food well (as in you have been too and enjoyed authentic places on the Westabnk and in the East) then you will not truly enjoy this place. I would compare the food to Jazmine Cafe (good, but not great).

          With that said, it was nice to have a different place in the WH District, and cheap as well.

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            It's definitely not a real Vietnamese place-- see anything with the word "Deconstructed" on the menu, but it's nice to have an alternative in the area that's decent enough.

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              I agree...especially cheaply-priced in that area (which is rare).

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                does anyone have a menu for this place? thanks!

            2. Just finished my leftovers from last nights meal. As delicious as it was yesterday. Anyway, the service was top-notch. Food was just as wonderful..and quite filling. I eat out a LOT and for the service, the food and the prices, you'll have a difficult time in finding a better place to dine. My date and I were there on Friday night and the place filled up quite quickly. Very nice bar area too. Definately give it a try. Oh, and by the way, we had the shrimp appetizer too and the shrimp are marvelous. The Vietnamese egg rolls were even better. I truly enjoyed my entree which was the charbroiled meatballs and vermicelli .. mmmmm!!!

              1. Tonight was my second visit to Hipstix. I went during their opening week and I was a little disappointed. It felt like a sports bar (Tchoup and Joes with a new menu). I was excited tonight to see the booths removed and more emphasis placed on decor. The food was good (not great) both times. Its perfect for a quick, casual dinner in the district (no jacket required). I really enjoyed the spicy shrimp (entree) as well as the shrimp appetizer....recommend

                1. Looking for a menu if anyone has one? Thanks!

                  1. I tried this place this weekend for the first time and it was fantastic. After running around the Warehouse District to find a 2 hour wait at Rock n Sake and a 2 hour wait at Mulate's (How is that place anyway? I think I may have dodged a bullet with that one) we stumbled into HipStix where there was only one table of customers. We only tried the wings and a few bites of a friend's spicy noodle dish, but it was yummy and the drinks were delicious. I hope they are doing ok - it's nice to hear they do a good lunch because it was dead that night.

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                      I had lunch at Hipstix yesterday. It's still good. I had the combo noodle bowl and my friend had the pho ga.


                      Regarding Mulate's - just don't go.

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                        HipStix delivers in the CBD/Warehouse district. We order from here about once every week or so. The Noodle bowls and Siam Street Noodles are excellent.

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                        Skip Mulate's. Not worth the bother...filled with hordes of tourists & conventioneers.

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                          A friend of mine once found one (1) shrimp in his Mulate's seafood gumbo....

                        1. re: stanford

                          On the eastbank i prefer Pho Orchid on Houma in Metairie. For me it's not only convenient but exceptionally good with a really diverse menu. That said, I did like Hipstix well enough ( for what it was ) in the warehouse district.... Too bad it's gone.

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                            Apparently the guy from RioMar is opening an Italian restaurant in the Hipstix location. RioMar being one of my favorite places in the city, I'm excited.