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Jan 23, 2007 04:06 PM

Palm Springs Restaurants

We sold our house there three years ago...I am out of the loup...tell me best restaurants to eat at...will be there a week

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  1. Johanne's, Zin, Le Vallarius,and St. James in PS
    Manhattan in the Desert for great deli food...PS
    Thai Smile in Rancho MIrage or La Quinta or PS
    Wally's Desert Turtle in RM
    Jillian's, Armando's, Cafe Beaux Arts, Sammy's Woodfire Pizza in PD
    Blend, Desert Sage, Andrew's Bar and Grill in LQ.
    Haven't been yet but there is a new Bing Crosby's right across the street from Wally's.

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      thanks ...will try were a great help

    2. Tell me about Andrew's Bar & Grill in LQ please! And the new Desert Sage?

      1. Andrew's ($$-$$$) is in old town LQ. California cuisine. Best hamburger in the Desert served with homemade ketchup. Nice patio dining spot.
        Desert Sage ($$$$) has reopened with a new chef. Aaron Barnett came from Gary Danko's in SF. Had wild salmon there the other night that was wonderful.

        1. Stay away from Zin. I admit, I've eaten there a few times before and the food is usually very good. But if it's not - watch out!

          We had one dish that just wasn't good -- tasteless and covered with a gooey sauce. When the waiter checked in to see how we were doing, he saw that one plate was almost untouched and we told him it didn't have any flavor. He reacted strangely to our response but after quite some time, came back and took the dish away (by the way, the other dishes ordered were good to excellent). At the end of the meal, we were somewhat surprised to find that the inedible meal still appeared on our check. Since the owner/chef was checking with each table in the restaurant -- except ours-- we asked the waiter to send him over. When we told him our dinners were very good except for the one, the very tempremental owner/chef informed us that since he cooks every meal, EVERY meal is perfect and there was something wrong with our taste buds. He then told us that if we were not happy, we should leave and not come back. Needless to say, we were more than a little shocked at that response! Before we left, the waiter came back to the table to apologize, and after some prodding, told us that this was not an unusual situation. I won't be going back there and I want to let you know that there are many other worthy restaurants in Palm Springs that welcome your business --spend your money elsewhere!

          1. RovinRick,
            To bad to hear you had an unpleasant experience at Zin. I have been there many times and have always enjoyed myself. The Chef can be a bit hot blooded (as most French chef’s I have seen) but the food is always great!