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Jan 23, 2007 04:02 PM

Unique, houndish Valentine's Ideas?

So my SO had long since made Valentine's reservations at Patina - which we were both happy enough about and looking forward to - but they called today to relate that they are definitely going with a set menu at a cost per person that made us both blanche. Since we both think Valentine's should just be another excuse to have a great meal with each other, we're now contemplating what would be a more adventurous way to spend the evening (rather than trying in vain to get into another chic spot where we'll just order the steak). Um, so I was hoping to get some advice and ideas...something completely different, something special, something weirdly romantic. Fried crickets? Great tacos at a bowling alley? The coziest Korean place? An amazing duck with bean curd? What memorable restaurant/meal would make you gaze at your partner with adoration and astonishment, make you lick your fingers and then wanna hold hands? Forgive me, I'm hungry & in love...

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  1. inn of the seventh ray in topanga/malibu is out of this world in terms of experience and food. it's better to eat outdoors (they have lots of heaters).

    it's just this amazingly beautiful / secluded place by a creek and in nature that is wonderful. when i was there last there were only a few other tables filled and it was just so great to sit under the stars with the wind and the wildlife and have a good meal. food is very good.

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      Innof the Seventh Ray is wonderful, but make ressie's now. It does a set V day menu and will be PACKED! It was when we went last year.

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        The problem is you will be outside and it will be cold even with the heaters -- and crowded, and hurried.

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          Yeah..I had that experience. Better to go there on a non-event evening or even for brunch. They do have a small indoor area.

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          So the food at the Inn is actually good now? I hadn't been there in years, but also had not heard praise about the food since then.

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            I ate at the Inn of the Seventh Ray for Vday once and caught bronchitis is was so cold! And the menu was set and not very good. Save this spot for a sunny afternoon.

          2. First Valentine's I spent with my boyfriend (now husband) nearly 11 years ago, he surprised me with a picnic dinner from Rosti, drove me out to PCH, where he parked at Gladstone's valet, and then proceeded to go onto the beach, layout a couple of blankets, candles, a CD player, and we had a lovely candle-lit dinner. What was so great about Gladstone's is that they have lots of lights from their restaurant that shines down to the beach water below it, so there was plenty of artificial, ambient light behind us to keep us from being soaked up in the darkness.

            The last time we went out to dinner on Valentine's (three years ago - 'cause now one of us always has a cold on "the day"), we went to Zucca in Downtown (also part of the Patina Group). VERY GOOD. Like all/most Patina restaurants that evening, they had a prix fixe menu, but it was quite lovely. Even if you don't venture out to Zucca on Valentine's I highly recommend going there, in general. It's Northern Italian cuisine.

            1. what about moroccan?
              sitting close on pillows, eating/feeding each other with your hands......romantic to me.

              Tagine on Robertson
              Moun of Tunis, Dar Magreb in Hollywood
              Marakech in Studio City

              1. Violet in West L.A. might be a bit different and not too terribly expensive.

                1. typhoon @ the SM Airport for insects!