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Jan 23, 2007 03:35 PM

The Granada in Alhambra?

Has anyone ever been to this place? It's a large venue that has a restaurant, called "Guitarras," and they also have salsa dancing on the weekends. I'm trying to throw a b-day party, and I'm looking for a place that has decent food and a fun atmosphere (dancing a plus).

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  1. I take dance lessons there (one of those times where I wish I could conceal my ID) and there is a 3rd floor that you can reserve for a private party. The setup is friendly to tables, or wide open for dancing. It sounds like you want both, and I'll bet they can help you arrange that. For comparison purposes, you might want to look at what it would cost to just be a regular restaurant guest, eat on the 2nd floor and then dance on the main floor. I'm not sure whether you'd be charged cover, or what... I guess the advantage to the private space is that you would get to control the music and dance with only people in the party.

    In general, I have found the people there to be extremely nice and helpful. However, I have never tasted the food, so you may want to do a little homework, be a secret shopper, eat dinner there and just check out the scene.