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Rehearsal dinner around Westlake

I'm having my wedding in Malibu this spring and my guests are staying in Westlake Village, but I live in Los Feliz and don't really know the area. So... I'm having trouble finding a good place to have the rehearsal dinner that will be a short drive for our out-of-town guests who won't deal well with L.A. traffic. Any recommendations on a quality, reasonably priced (we're spending enough on the wedding!) please in or near Westlake for 30-40 people? Thanks!

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  1. My friend is having her rehearsal dinner at Duke's in Malibu. They have private rooms, and nothing beats the ocean scene.


    1. They have an Alessio's there in Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks. While it is an Italian chain, it's a large charming room that doubles as a jazz lounge. Plenty of parking, too.

      1. All in Westlake Village area and all good by my standards...

        The sushi here rocks! Whatever you eat, sit on the patio overlooking the lake:
        The Landing Grill and Sushi Bar 32123 W. Lindero Canyon Rd. (818) 706-8887
        Brent's Deli, a valley lankmark has opened a location in Westlake Village:
        2799 Townsgate Rd. (805) 557-1882
        Catch 21 Westlake 30869 Thousand Oaks Blvd. (818) 597-0507 -very cas, family type grilled fish place. very yum and inexpensive. Hubby and I frequent the one on Northridge
        And, Alessio's is good too. :)KQ

        1. Our group is also out in the Westlake area, but we had our son's Rehearsal Dinner at Maggiano's at the Promenade in Woodland Hills and found them to be a joy to work with.

          Maggiano's has a beautiful private room which can be sectioned off if you want more intimacy.

          1. Mandevilla in Westlake is a great option . . . not sure about group dinners, but the people who work there are always so friendly, and the food is wonderful. And, they have a large patio (w/heaters) that you could possibly take over for a big group. I'd highly recommend Mandevilla! Pookies Westlake Thai is another option -- incredible food, and I think they may have a private room now in their new location.

            1. Some good Westlake-area options (all convenient from both Malibu or Westlake Village):
              1) Rustico: Italian Restaurant that often hosts private parties. Great food, service: 818/889-0191
              2) Piatti Locali: Also Italian www.piatti.com, 805/371-5600
              3) The Melting Pot: Fondue restaurant. Never been, but might be fun! www.meltingpot.com/thousandoaksca/hom... 805/370-8802
              4) Bamboom: Private room, sushi, etc. www.bamboombar.com 818/707-6226
              5) Riviera: Italian, really nice interior, private room 818/224-2163

              Enjoy and congratulations on your wedding!

              1. Padri in Agoura is very close to Westlake and it is wonderful. They have a lovely, heated patio that would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner. It's very romatic (nice for a wedding) and the food is very good. The osso bucco is especially yummy.

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                  I consider Padri's to be kind of expensive. We rarely get out of there for under $50pp. Piatti's is fairly pricey as well.

                  I like the Pookie's Thai reco. They are really, really nice people and I am sure they would try to make your dinner special - and their prices are very reasonable.

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                    Agree. I actually prefer Fabrocini, which is about thirty yards away next to Chapter 8.

                2. We are looking for a restaurant for an out-of-towner dinner on a Friday night before our daughter's Bat Mitzvah. We live in Westlake Village and I've explored all of the restaurants that people have recommended and more. Most can't accomodate a large group or are cost prohibitive ($50 pp without tax, tip, wine, etc.) but I finally came up with a great solution. Our favorite Chinese restaurant will close down if we eat early to accomodate us. Check out China Garden - 30853 E Thousand Oaks Blvd, Westlake Village, 91362 - (818) 991-2128. Their food is the best and who doesn't like Chinese food? Best of luck!

                  1. Hahhaaha... I bet I know where you're getting married! We had our wedding at Calamigos Ranch and had the same problem -- except we were stupid and had the rehearsal dinner at El Cholo!! Talk about bad traffic. Wow.

                    Um. There's a Brazilian place on Westlake Blvd. that has a great patio... I forget the name, though!

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                      You're probably thinking of Galletto's, which is Brazilian and Italian.

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                        C'est ├ža. Fantastic caipirinhas, wonderful feijoada.