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Jan 23, 2007 03:33 PM

Cheese and Crackers

I am putting together some cheese and crackers for a friends party. I have never done this and am looking for good advice. I would like 3-4 different kind of cheese and accompanying cracker. What cheeses would you use? And even more so what kind of crackers? Is there any type of etiquette on how to pair the 2? I am definitely looking for something elegent here. Any advice would be very helpful!

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  1. I always remember the saying - something old, something new, something goat and something blue when making a cheese tray. Or you could pick one of those and do a sampling of different cheese within the same category. But for a party, you are probably better off with all 4 since not everyone eats blue, etc.... I don't know of any specific cracker rules. A table water cracker is usually a safe bet as one of the crackers. But check you grocery - there are all kinds of great options readily available now. Another nice option is toasted bread. And you can always add some fresh fruit for color and taste. Couldn't be easier and always a big hit at the party.

    1. I always ask the advice of the friendly people at whichever cheese shop I'm at, because I like trying new things. A recommendation I've often gotten includes getting one of each kind of milk (sheep, cow, goat), usually in textures ranging from soft-hard if you want the entire gamut.

      Water crackers are a good choice, although if the cheese is firm enough, I like to eat it by itself. To make the cheese plate a bit fancier, I'd also recommend any of the following: fruit pastes, nuts, honey.

      1. i prefer bread with cheese, and especially a nice raisin or cranberry bread with bleu cheese.