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Jan 23, 2007 03:20 PM


As's 3 from me...what makes your sweet tooth smile?

1. Chocolate Fondue - News Cafe, South Beach. It's the bomb!

2. Tiramisu - Osteria del Teatro, South Beach. You can't miss it upon entering the place!

3. Cheese cakes - Nexxt, South Beach. CCF ain't got nothin' on this joint!

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  1. 1. Ice Cream - Jaxson's, Dania Beach. Banana and crunchy peanut butter flavors still fab.
    2. Profiteroles - Manhattan Bakery, Sunny Isles Bch. All their baked goods are wonderful.
    3. Upside-down apple pie -- McCormick & Schmick, Boca Raton. With macadamia nuts and caramel in the crust. yum! I order it for dinner! (it's the newest location for this small chain)

    1. Hands down - Tres Leches with cuban coffee at Versailles, Miami and I second the vote for ice cream at Jaxson's (any flavor will do with a side car of chocolate sauce).

      1. Strawberry Shortcake from the Plant City strawberry festival;
        Key Lime Pie from just about anywhere in Key West (why does it always taste better there?);
        Flan from the 100-year-old Columbia restaurant in Tampa with a steaming side of cafe con leche.

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        1. re: Tandoori Girl

          TG you should try the Key Lime Pie at the 15th St Fisheries in FTL. It's got an Oreo cookie crust which sounds wierd...and it a good way! Their's and Joe's take the key lime cake here on the southside of the penninsula.

        2. My #1 and #2 and #3 - the white chocolate bread pudding with berries at Canyon in Fort Lauderdale!! Out of this world!!

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          1. re: ejanem

            Yum! I love that dessert, as well!

          2. The entire Sunday brunch dessert table at Nemo's in Miami Beach.