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As promised...here's 3 from me...what makes your sweet tooth smile?

1. Chocolate Fondue - News Cafe, South Beach. It's the bomb!

2. Tiramisu - Osteria del Teatro, South Beach. You can't miss it upon entering the place!

3. Cheese cakes - Nexxt, South Beach. CCF ain't got nothin' on this joint!

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  1. 1. Ice Cream - Jaxson's, Dania Beach. Banana and crunchy peanut butter flavors still fab.
    2. Profiteroles - Manhattan Bakery, Sunny Isles Bch. All their baked goods are wonderful.
    3. Upside-down apple pie -- McCormick & Schmick, Boca Raton. With macadamia nuts and caramel in the crust. yum! I order it for dinner! (it's the newest location for this small chain)

    1. Hands down - Tres Leches with cuban coffee at Versailles, Miami and I second the vote for ice cream at Jaxson's (any flavor will do with a side car of chocolate sauce).

      1. Strawberry Shortcake from the Plant City strawberry festival;
        Key Lime Pie from just about anywhere in Key West (why does it always taste better there?);
        Flan from the 100-year-old Columbia restaurant in Tampa with a steaming side of cafe con leche.

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          TG you should try the Key Lime Pie at the 15th St Fisheries in FTL. It's got an Oreo cookie crust which sounds wierd...and it is...in a good way! Their's and Joe's take the key lime cake here on the southside of the penninsula.

        2. My #1 and #2 and #3 - the white chocolate bread pudding with berries at Canyon in Fort Lauderdale!! Out of this world!!

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            Yum! I love that dessert, as well!

          2. The entire Sunday brunch dessert table at Nemo's in Miami Beach.

            1. 1. Chocolate Lava Cake from the Chart House (yeah i know it's a chain but I can't help it!)
              2. Tiramisu at Joia, 2nd St. and Ocean Drive in SoBe (I still dream about it)
              3. For ice cream, gotta give love to Swensens in the Gables

              1. I'm actually not a big dessert eater, but a few come to mind:

                - Bread Pudding @ Michy's (chunks of chocolate, orange, raisins ... yum)
                - Key Lime Pie @ Joe's (classic)
                - Gelato @ Dolce Vita (super dulce de leche, sambayon, tiramisu, fig cream & walnut...)

                1. Joe Allens Toll House Cookie-The best!-Regardless of how full I am after dinner, I have to order this..plus since its so big I always wind up taking one of the chocolate chip cookies home and get to have it the next day which is always good if my husband hasn't gotten to it first during the night

                  Epicure Bakery--just about everything there is good

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                    I am addicted to the Toll House Cookie dessert as well

                  2. Custard Eclaire at 'Mon Delice New Myrna Beach
                    Cheesecake at 'Silvanos' in Altamonte Springs'

                    1. Hazelnut kit-kat bars at Chef Allen's, Aventura.

                      1. Actually Nexxt is an inferior ripoff of CCF.
                        You can get much better cheesecakes at P112 and Macalusos and that is SOBE alone.

                        Great desserts in SOBE are:
                        1) Carrot Cake-Macalusos (rarely served)
                        2) Dulce de Leche Crepes - Grazianos -- bird rd is better than cg
                        3) Bananna bread pudding - Icebox
                        4) Grape Nut Raisin Ice Cream - the Frieze
                        The cheesecakes I mentioned above are obviously very good too but different from each other.

                        Oops forgot Key Lime Pie @ Joes

                        1. I am looking for good dessert places in TAMPA. Any suggestions?

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                            Yes, everything in the dessert restaurant @ Berns is outstanding. I am not a big fan of the steakhouse but the dessert restaurant (that's right a seperate restaurant just for dessert with its own reservations) is awesome. They probably have the best desserts in florida bar none. Totally forgot about this. Thanks for the remider :).

                          2. Thought I put this one down but I have it as a best dish.

                            Baked Alaska, Michy's Miami

                            1. Tres Leches cake Francesco - coral gables

                              1. I vote for Jaxson's Ice Cream in Dania Beach.
                                Chocolate Suicide, Chocolate Peanut Gargantuan, or Super Jumbo Banana Split.
                                Their Butter Pecan ice cream is the best I've ever had in my life.