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Jan 23, 2007 03:04 PM

Cropping Of Uploaded Photos

When someone has the time. No matter what dimensions of a photo that you upload to your posting, the system software "crops" it to be a perfectly square image, how many peoples photo's are in a square format? You can see examples of this here: scroll down to the second reply from ChinoWayne, Chowhound has partially decapitated two of my cats. If the goal was to do a lobotomy, that would have been unnecessary.

Oh, and notice my avatar, I uploaded a perfectly "square" image of my happy face brussel sprout, but the system cropped it and lost all four edges that would have included the deliniation of Mr. Sprout against the background, so that you could acutally tell that he is a brussel sprout.

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  1. Just noticed something, when you first view a photo in a posting, you are looking at the "thumbnail" image, when you hover your mouse over it, the thumnail enlanges, but it is still a thumbnail. If you click on the image, then an image gallery opens up, and it seems that the "square" cropping is replaced by the full dimensions of the image.

    This might be something to add to a FAQ.

    The issue with the avatar being force cropped still exists, even though I uploaded a squarely formatted image, it seems the system software performed its own "crop" routine to make sure my avatar image is square, but the net effect was that it "zoomed in" on my image, thus making it unidentifiable. I am attaching the original image below.

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      Ye gads! You are still cropping by "zooming in", I'll try another version of the image.


      Well that didn't work, when I click on the "black" happy face below, a rectangular frame displays with a square image in the middle, and the sides (to a greater extent) and top and bottom of my image cropped off. There seems to be a consistency issue here, as noted in the post above, images in an "album" view do have the correct proportions, but the image below, does not.

      1. re: ChinoWayne

        I just recropped the jpeg for my avatar, added more space around each side, then loaded it up and the Chowhound program did its cropping deal, but I ended up with the full image that I intended, as Chowhound cropped out the extraneous stuff I left just for that purpose.

        1. re: ChinoWayne

          Finally we see the entire brussels sprout! I'm not loving the avatars in general, but this one makes me smile. It also makes me want to go read some roasting brussels sprouts threads.

          1. re: debbiel

            Brussels sprouts have always been unfairly maligned, I had some sublime ones at Houston's in Pasadena, California recently.

    2. RE: Pixel/KB reduction in pics posted by attachment:

      I just posted a pic in thread

      The original image that I uploaded was 82.8 KB, a clear sharp photo.

      The resultant, displayed image, housed at
      is circa 1 KB.

      1) if we post images, will they all be reduced to "thumbnail" quality?

      2) if not, please offer an FAQ on how to post, or also how to view, the original quality images, in this case 82.8KB

      3) Same question applies to diminished quality of posted Avatar.

      4) Why does the "attach photo" popbox say "File limit of 2 megabytes" if such clarity of resolution will not be finally available to viewers?

      5) If I am in error, sorry, and please see Q 2.

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      1. re: FoodFuser

        I discovered yesterday, some but not all of my uploaded pictures in posts seem to get that forced cropping, however, I also notice that if I click on a photo, sort of a "photo album" opens up and a larger, and again in some cases uncropped image displays.

        I can't find any consistency in this though.

        And I agree, there needs to be a FAQ for this, and many other site functions.

      2. We do indeed crop the smaller photos sizes square, but when you view the photo full-size, the height/width ratios are maintained.

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        1. re: Engineering

          "when you view the photo full-size"....

          How is this accomplished? Left and right clicks have yielded only tiny results.

          1. re: FoodFuser

            You can see uploaded photos full-size by clicking on them, but not the avatars. We'd be happy to add the capability of viewing avatars full-size if we got enough feedback asking us to.