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Dragon Beard Candy - Avail in the Bay Area?

I was told not to mention a specific brand, so please just tell me if any bay area markets or confectionaries serve this treat.


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  1. I don't know if there are brands. The only time I see them are in carts outside of Ranch 99 or other Asian markets, where an old man (it's always an old man) makes them by hand. Have not noticed any recently.

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      you have a specific ranch 99 location?


    2. I did a little search because I was very curious- Deluxe Market in China Town is suppose to carry some.

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        my google talents have failed me, do you have a address or cross streets? thanks.

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          sorry this is in NYC china town my mistake.. we are not very helpful. May check out Clement Street Markets or China Town in San Francisco. Maybe one of the bakeries will know.

        2. i've seen them making this at koi palace in daly city. it was my only time there, so i'm not sure if it's a regular thing or a special occasion. :)

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            i also saw it at kp a couple weeks ago, on a saturday.

          2. Thread from a year or two ago produced no hits from the Bay Area, with posters saying they thought they saw some in the San Gabriel Valley. But nobody had any specific information on where it might be down there, either. Only place I've seen it recently was Vancouver.

            1. The prepackaged stuff`is probably not quite the same as the hand-made Dragon Beard Candy, which seems to have a short half-life. The only place I've seen it being made was in a dedicated storefront in Montreal's Chinatown, on R. de la Gauchetierre.

              1. They were making it a few years ago in 99 Ranch in Richmond. It was a one day deal.

                1. I was at Koi Palace weekend before last and they had a dragon beard candy stand. Not sure if it's a permanant fixture there or not though. Give them a call.

                  1. Was it inside or in the parking lot? Did it appear to be a KP-sponsored function?

                    1. It was inside, right next to the reception desk.

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                        It might be a manifestation of the run-up to Chinese New Year, now that I think of it.

                      2. thanks guys...i'm calling KP to figure out what's the deal.

                        there's only one company exporting this stuff out of HK, but that's exactly what i'm looking for. if i can grab the real deal out here even better...except it doesn't keep long enough to gift =/

                        the stuff is avail in vancouver, nyc, as well as online but it's just a hassle when you want it here and now. i'm sure you all know that feeling.