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St. Louis Oriental Market?

A friend at work today said she recently shopped at a large Oriental market in St. Louis that is in a big converted grocery store. She didn't drive so she has no clue what part of St. Louis they were in. I know St. Louis covers a lot of ground but does this by any chance sound familiar to anybody?

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  1. Could be the World Market on Kirkwood/Lindbergh Boulevard. Owned by a Thai family. Just north of the railroad tracks in downtown Kirkwood. Or it could be the market on Olive, I don't know the english name but it is east of the inner belt about a couple of miles. That place is bigger than the World Market and they have fresh seafood and fresh meats. I think it is the most complete Asian grocery store in town.

    1. I think you may be thinking of Global Market. It's in Kirkwood really close to I-44. ( World Market is a chain, also known as CostPlus.) The Global Market people also own Jay International on South Grand, I believe. Both stores are just wonderful. I

      1. I stand corrected Global Market it is. Move away for three months and I forget everything.

        1. Both Jay's (on South Grand) and World Foods are multiethnic and carry a much wider array of foods than just Oriental. I believe you are looking for the Oriental Seafood Market. In any case, it is located at about 7900 Olive Street Road, on the North side, in University City, about a mile and a half West of I-170. The Olive exit on 170 is currently under reconstruction. All three places are worth the trip just to check out, and all seem to be frequented by the local restaurants.

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            I believe 7900 Olive would put you East of 170, and by my calculations, at North & South Rd., across from Wei Hong.

          2. Thanks so much for the tips. I will MapQuest these places and make the rounds!

            1. In addition to the one unclejoe's mentions on Olive (which I have a feeling he's right) there's a smaller one a little further east on Olive as well, though I'm not sure what it's called. I've been to both and the larger (further west) one is cleaner and has more variety but the smaller one has more personality and seemed to have more fresh (still alive)seafood.

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                Its not the same owner. The one further east is across the street from Wei Hong Restaurant. They were the big seafood purveyor for the Chinese community before the Asian Market opened. It does have some interesting stuff, like live turtles and frogs.

              2. There's one that's a converted grocery store on Olive about 1/2 mile West of the Olive/North&South cross street. It is very large and also carries a lot of fresh seafood. The seafood one mentioned above is right at the corner of Olive/North & South.

                Also, I believe Jay International Foods started out an Asian market only and blossomed into a multi-ethnic market. My long term high school/college girlfriend was Korean and we used to go there with her mom before they moved into their current (converted grocery store) space.

                World Foods is worth going to by the way....I can spend hours in there.

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                  I am not trying to be argumentative, just trying to keep all these locations straight in my mind, and figure out if I am missing any!
                  Global Foods is in Kirkwood, just north of downtown, on Kirkwood Rd. (known otherwise as So. Lindbergh).
                  World Market is the big chain, a/k/a as Cost-Plus World Market.

                  Is there a World Foods, or were you referring to one of these two places?

                  Thanks for your patience, p.j.

                2. Jay is great for all kinds of things, but I really like the Olive shops better. More variety; you can get roast duck and cha siu (I'm Cantonese, so that's how I spell it) at the BBQ place, dim sum at LuLus, bakery at Wei Hong. I like the big converted grocery also, but our long time fave has been Din Ho, which is up there near Chinese BBQ and LuLu. If I'm not mistaken, there is also Central Trading (may have name wrong) up there next to Wei Hong. Oh, btw, we have to drive 2 hours to get there, so believe me, we consider carefully where we end up!!

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                    My mom adores Din Ho. She figured out, from the stuff the store carries, that Din Ho caters more to a Taiwanese taste, Central Trading caters more to a Cantonese taste. Asian Market tries to cater across nationalities.

                    By the way, Wei Hong has moved further east, they are a restaurant now with a side bakery business, they bought an old movie theater and turned it into a restaurant. The do dim sum but mostly they do larger banquets.

                  2. She did finally recall the flags over the aisles and told me that her Aunt lives in Kirkwood so she apparently was wrong about it being just Oriental. However, I'm so glad for all the responses on this because I didn't even know that all of these places existed in St. Louis. It is a two hour drive for us too so I'm going to fit in as many as I can in one day. What a chore!! You all have been very VERY helpful chowhounds-thanks much:)

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                      Velma... that's the other reason I prefer the Olive Blvd locations ... they're all within about maybe 3 city blocks from each other... something like that. So you get a lot of bang for your gas buck, and have restaurants to pick from too

                    2. Biggest (and my favorite) is Chinese Farmers Market at Olive & 81st. Further east, almost to N&S, is Seafood City, Viet seafood market. Both on south side of the street. Further west are ABC Trading, Din Ho, and near I170 is East East (Korean). Dragon Trading is a restaurant supply house on Woodson between Olive and Page. North of Page on Woodson there's Wing Hing Trading.

                      Grandbodia (S Grand) has Jay (Thai) a number of Viet grocers, and an Afghan market.

                      1. Thanks to rexmo for the summary, and mea culpa for positioning places east of 170 rather than west; however, Seafood City is at 7733 Olive on the north side. The other places I was referring to are on the north side of Olive, too. (Manila?), near 81st Street.

                        Jay's is like, and in fact, is a local market for a very multiethnic neighborhood which includes a variety of restaurants. It is considerably smaller in physical size than Global foods, for instance, which is very nice is you have any trouble getting around. A visitor can shop there and eat at one of many many restaurant within a 2 (short) block radius.

                        Global Foods is a much larger version of Jay's with much more prepackaged fresh meat and other supermarket like items: I also think it is a tad more expensive than Jay's.

                        The Olive Street Road enclave is of course the home of many restaurants, too, but it is much more difficult to walk between them, and they are almost all Oriental.

                        If I were visiting, I would visit Jay's and then visit the fairly nearby Hill to pick up Italian groceries, I would hit Global Foods last, because if there is anything you missed or have not found by then, they should have it. Jay's, the Hill, and Global are all easily accessible from I-44.

                        The Olive location is essentially our local China Town, and if that is your desire, it stands alone here.

                        Jay's is an urban market - the others are much more suburban.