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Jan 23, 2007 02:29 PM

St. Louis Oriental Market?

A friend at work today said she recently shopped at a large Oriental market in St. Louis that is in a big converted grocery store. She didn't drive so she has no clue what part of St. Louis they were in. I know St. Louis covers a lot of ground but does this by any chance sound familiar to anybody?

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  1. Could be the World Market on Kirkwood/Lindbergh Boulevard. Owned by a Thai family. Just north of the railroad tracks in downtown Kirkwood. Or it could be the market on Olive, I don't know the english name but it is east of the inner belt about a couple of miles. That place is bigger than the World Market and they have fresh seafood and fresh meats. I think it is the most complete Asian grocery store in town.

    1. I think you may be thinking of Global Market. It's in Kirkwood really close to I-44. ( World Market is a chain, also known as CostPlus.) The Global Market people also own Jay International on South Grand, I believe. Both stores are just wonderful. I

      1. I stand corrected Global Market it is. Move away for three months and I forget everything.

        1. Both Jay's (on South Grand) and World Foods are multiethnic and carry a much wider array of foods than just Oriental. I believe you are looking for the Oriental Seafood Market. In any case, it is located at about 7900 Olive Street Road, on the North side, in University City, about a mile and a half West of I-170. The Olive exit on 170 is currently under reconstruction. All three places are worth the trip just to check out, and all seem to be frequented by the local restaurants.

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            I believe 7900 Olive would put you East of 170, and by my calculations, at North & South Rd., across from Wei Hong.

          2. Thanks so much for the tips. I will MapQuest these places and make the rounds!