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Nepenthe's very tasty Hamburger

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I've never stopped at Nepenthe before as I was always on the way somewhere else and felt a bit rushed. But this time we were just wandering and had plenty of time for stops. Reading about the view and the famous pricey burger we lowered our expectations. The view is indeed grand .... but the burger was better than I expected....also cheaper. I sort of remember folks mentioning $17 or 18 but it was "only" $13 IIRC and it was very tasty. I ordered it medium and it came a bit closer to a true Medium Rare but I decided that I could live with that. I took one bite and was pleasantly surprised at how savory and juicy it was. Decided not to muck it up with any condiments and I'm glad that I didn't have it with cheese.....the bread was a light bread/roll and didn't impose itself much. The cole slaw was a bit plain - I'm used to a dressing with a bit of sweetness and missed that. So, while the burger is still a bit of a splurge at $13 the view definitely takes away some of the sting and it's a better burger than I expected. The Berry Pie was very good - it was more of a mix between a pie and a crisp. Had a bottom pie crust along with a mix of berries (we had it warmed) and topped with a crisp/streussel topping. Our waiter brought it to us with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. ($8 or $9 a la mode ) A good ending. Oh, and our waiter was quite sharp - had something to say with each of his tables and was generallly helpful.

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  1. Gordon, glad you enjoyed one my favorite restaurants ever. We used to go there in the 60s when the local hippies would folk dance on the patio at night. Recently, the bakery they used moved on and there was a big todo over the buns. After much experimenting, they're spot on with the "new" ones. An interesting wine list and a priceless view. Angus, our favorite is always pleasant and wine savvy too.