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Jan 23, 2007 01:16 PM


Hi all

First post here...Have a date on Friday night and am looking for something particular. This isnt about scene or trends..i just want a nice dimly lit, semi-quiet, booth laden place where not only is the food good, but i can have a nice conversation without screaming.

I'm westside local, but willing to go as far east as downtown, but no valley, or southerly drives.

Date prefers fish

thanks for your help

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  1. If you find a place like that can you let us know? (g). If you take a look at your requirements, good food, comfortable booths, flattering lighting and yet a smallish turnout so that you can have an intimate conversation - all on Friday night which tends to be one of the biggest dining out nights - it seems like a contradiction in terms.

    If you want a comfy booth and nice lighting, and if you can get seated in the back of the room on the upper deck, then maybe Bandera in West L.A. would fit your criteria. It will also have some nice fish choices.

    But the noise factor is still going to be something you will have to deal with. Although if you think about it maybe it will cause you and your date to have to put your heads close together and that can be nice too.

    1. I would suggest Le Boheme in West Hollywood. It's really a unique, delicious, and romantic dining experience. Here's the Opentable link to it:

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        I like LaBoheme very much but it's one big room with two levels and is likely to get loud anytime after about 730 . . . IF Friday nights are anything like Saturday nights, anyway.

      2. Il Cielo in Beverly Hills. Do the patio as it is very charming and quiet, and secluded in a very unique way.

        1. If you can reserve a booth -- and it's not easy -- The Grill in BH would work. Good fish. The Pacific Dining Car downtown also has a lot of cozy booths. Or you could to to Musso's in Hollywood, but on a Friday night the patrons look like they've stepped out of the Wax Museum.

          1. Water Grill downtown is nicely lit, a quite room, great seafood. Sure to impress a date.