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Jan 23, 2007 12:59 PM

what to do with mascarpone cheese

A friend gave me a container of mascarpone cheese which I must admit, I've never baked/cooked with. Any suggestions beyond tiramisu? Grazie mille! ( if I were a true Italian, I wouldn't have to ask such a question!)

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  1. hmmm I was going to say Tiramisu...shoot.

    1. I like to have mascarpone cheese with cantaloupe and prosciutto. When I can't find a good melon I just do the mascarpone and prosciutto.

      1. Mix the cheese with sugar, then use as a mini-trifle layer with balsamic-mascerated strawberries or another fruit of your choice and broken lady fingers. Top with whipped cream. Let guests or kids build their own.
        Try mixing in lemon or orange peel, cocoa powder, or any number of other things.
        For a savory dish, it can add a nice tang to pasta sauces as a finisher instead of butter.

        1. you can stuff it into ravioli or mix it up into some pasta sauce. you don't have to use it in sweet preparations

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            Yes, I make a great pasta with pureed tomatoes, pancetta, basil and mascarpone. After cooking the pancetta and cooking down the tomatoes, you just melt in the mascapone and it makes a creamy, distinctive sauce (From Pasta Fresca, by La Place and Kleinman.)

          2. Mix with a good caramel (homemade is best, but not necessary) and use it to make banana caramel tartlets. Mini tart shells, a slice of banana, fill with caramel/cheese mixture, top with another slice of banana, then drizzle with caramel. Easy and delicious.