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Jan 23, 2007 12:59 PM

A16 Alternative near California and Presidio?

We're going to an event at California and Presidio and would like to have an early dinner beforehand within walking distance in order to avoid two frustrating quests for parking. A16 is booked (and a bit too far in any case). Any suggestions for places of comparable style/execution?

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  1. 415 (on Presidio at California) is a good substitute. Although the food is with an Asian flare, not Italian, food is delicious topped off with a good sake list and a full bar.

    1. How about Osteria? I really enjoyed dinner here. It has good Italian food. The atmosphere is more down to earth and cozy.

      3277 Sacramento St (Cross Street: Presidio Avenue)
      San Francisco, CA 94115
      (415) 771-5030

      1. Tatertot had a good suggestion and I agree. Osteria is a good place and its at Sacramento and Presidio Streets. I tried gnocchi with gorgonzola cream sauce and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

        1. Garibaldi on Presidio
          Ella's on Presidio
          415- on Presidio

          1. Sociale isn't far from there on Sacramento.