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Jan 23, 2007 12:55 PM

Dinner ideas near 108th btwn 5th & Mad?

I never go seem to go that far uptown but Thurs night I'm meeting (for the 1st time) a work colleague for dinner.

She used to live in that area over 10 yrs ago and is visiting from Georgia. I thought she might enjoy dinner in her old nabe to see if and how it's changed.

Got any suggestions for any type of place conducive to a pleasant dinner and chat. The only restriction is no Italian.


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  1. Itzocan Bistro at 101 and Lex is good. El Paso Taqueria on Lex b/w 103 and 104 (I think) is also good. There is another very small place on 106th that sells tacos, tortas, and other good Mexican dishes. Can't remember the name. It's in the middle of the block.

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      Itzocan is a great choice. Only other places I know are down in the 92nd & Madison/Carnegie Hill area, which may be further afield than you want to go.

    2. My husband and I have been toying with the idea of going uptown to check out this Chinese place on 5th at 116th:

      I was told it's not necessarily with the trip, but if you're already in the neighborhood...

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        More style than substance, but the food is decent, and the style stylin'--with a red new chowhound board aesthetic ;) If Italian (and therefore Patsy's) is out, my vote would be Itzocan too. Or you can head up to 116th and Lenox for Amy Ruth's, and over one block further for desserts at Make My Cake:

      2. Haven't been for dinner, but Food, on the same block as Itzocan would also be a good choice. We went there for brunch and it was amazing and have been meaning to try their dinner. Would be another option in case you want something besides mexican/latin cuisine.

        1. thanks all for the ideas. I will definately pass them along to my colleague.

          of course, since I had thought we were going to dinner uptown the plans have now changed to the LES.

          so, feel free to chime in on my new request. <s>

          thanks again