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Jan 23, 2007 12:44 PM

Resta-rant lunch at 11 Madison Park

Hoping for a new dining experience, my co-worker and I decided to try 11 Mad Park during RW. Unfortunately, the experience was less than thrilling.

1. Room was like an ice box..had to get my coat to sit past the first course.
2. Time between courses was over half an hour. Don't they have the menu choices set up in the kitchen? 40 minutes to get a cold appetizer is absurd.
3. What's with the Pinot Noir Juice? Yes, grape juice for $7/glass!

I figured the dishes would be smaller than usual, more like samplings, than full course portions. But the time in between courses was inexcusable, it seems like the kitchen was on slow motion. The whole room was being served at the same snail's pace, so it was pointless to complain...

BTW, my braised lamb was delicious.

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  1. Well I wanted to go to 11 Mad for RW but couldn't get a reservation (didn't feel like waiting until 2 pm to have lunch) so I went to Tabla instead.
    Tabla was a great experience (this is my second RW visit) the dishes were good though some of them were a bit skimpy (e.g.: fish generous portion, oxtails very skimpy) so that compares to 11 Mad. I guess.
    Their non-alcoholic drinks were also in the $6-8 range I paid $6 for iced tea (Tibetean latte)
    However, I was pleasantly surprised we were not charged for a second bread basket (which by the way was very good)
    And we got two GCs worth $25 each to return from Feb (or March can't recall now) and April for dinner. We paid total $85 for two RW lunches--so all in all I think Tabla is probably one of the best places for RW. I'm curious to know what was your check total at 11 Mad?