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Jan 23, 2007 12:34 PM

Cape Verdean in RI

I know there are several Cape Verdean restaurants in Pawtucket and I would imagine perhaps Providence and E. Providence as well. I just don't know the area* or the food well enough to know which places are a good choice for a newbie. I've never had Cape Verdean food, but the things I've read sound appealing and I would love to explore it. Any recs on restaurants would be greatly appreciated. I'm not concerned with hipness or decor, just deliciousness, though friendly service is always a great plus. Thanks!

*I live in CT but I love RI and I'm working on moving there, so I visit often.

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  1. Great question! I'm not aware of any in Providence proper... Does anyone else know differently?

    I'd love to have such a place in the metro...

    - Garris

    PS: When you do move to RI, check out the hugely comprehensive, 45 page "Moving to Providence" forum on Urbanplanet:

    1. Waterbury CT has a Cape Verdean Social Club so that area might be worth further exploration.

      1. Here's three blasts from the past (thread links) that may help:

        Pay special attention for anything posted by "Louis". When it comes to Portuguese, Cape Verdean or just about anything in the the South Coast/R.I. area he is the walking, talking lexicon.