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Jan 23, 2007 12:30 PM

Pork Slap

Last night I had some Pork Slap in a can for the first time. It belonged in the can and not out of it. Thin, pale and not very flavorful. While I shy away from canned beer I figured I'd try this one as I recently had Dales pale ale and came away impressed. I also am careful of the draft I drink as too many places mishandle their draft beer. Not enough turn, dirty lines etc.

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  1. We collect pigs, so I was moved to buy Pork Slap on principle. It sucked. What a waste of a nice label.

    1. Agreed as to the Pork Slap. The flavor can best be described as a solution of diluted horse feed. The Heinnieweisse is slightly better, but not much. In the Ale Streeet News, the brewer (Butternutts) advertises a third beer, an IPA, known as "Snapperhead." However, I've not seen this one sold anywhere nor do I think it even exists yet.

      1. I just had some Porkslap and am drinking a Dales pale ale as we speak. These two and Phoenix pale ale are on Food and Wine's Top 100 Tastes of 2007.

        I actually loved the Porkslap, it was my favorite of the three and the Dale's is a close second. Although it's primary flavor is hops, it's not as hops oriented as the Phoenix.

        To each their own, I guess. And no, I do not like traditionally "girlie" beers, if that is what you're thinking. The darker the better for me.

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        1. re: cooknKate

          You are certainly right about "to each his own". I just checked: Rate Beer put Pork Slap in the 12th percentile (that's 12/100), but Beer Advocate's raters put it in the 80th percentile. To each his own, as you say.

          1. re: bobjbkln

            That could be a sign of a consistency issue as well. I haven't had the Pork Slap yet, but for some reason each time I've had the Sly Fox Phoenix it has been different (it's improving, imo). Brewers have been known to tweak things from time to time (starting a new canning line, opening a new brewhouse, having to change malt sources, etc.). Then again, just speculating...

        2. As an update, the Snapperhead IPA from Butternuts does in fact exist in a can (I got one from Bierkraft, Bklyn, NY) and also on cask (HopDevil Grill, NYC). For a canned IPA (of which I know of none others) it's not all that bad. However, compared to all other craft IPAs available here in bottles and tap, it falls way short. Regardless, it's by far the best offering from Butternuts so far.