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Jan 23, 2007 12:19 PM

RW dinner choices

Have reservations at Osteria del Circo, Alfama and Devi for RW dinner these two weeks.
I have been to Devi before and very sure that they do not dumb down menus there for RW.
But, what about the rest on my list - based on you rpast experiences during RW dinner there?

Please let me know which places are better choices if ever like -Smith & Wollensky, Pampano, EN Japanese, Nice Matin, Payard, Cite perhaps?


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  1. Sorry can't comment on the above RW choices, BUT I just returned from Artisanal and their RW menu was really great. They have it posted online if you are interested.

    Payard has a really good $28 prefixe lunch so they could be a good choice for a RW lunch....but don't know about dinner.


    1. Payard has pre theater prix fixe menu year around so I would go somewhere else for RW.