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Jan 23, 2007 12:09 PM

Little Deli fans ?

Hey - any of you Austin hounds fans of Little Deli? (I did a search on Little Deli and came up empty, although with the technical problems the site seems to be having today that may not mean anything).

I've been living in and/or around the Crestview neighborhood for the last 10 years (just say no to Wal-Mart), and Little Deli is something of an institution here. It's in the same shopping area as the Crestview Mini-Max, on Woodrow a block north of Justin.

Until about 4 months ago, the place was owned and run by a spitfire of a lady (with a great memory) named Lecretia, but she sold the place to concentrate on their other restaurant, It's Italian up off Bratton Lane. The guy who bought it, Tony, was Lecretia's neighbor and is committed to keeping Little Deli just like Lecretia ran it for years. In my opinion, the place has not suffered with the switch in ownership.

There's a set menu of sandwiches which are always available, plus daily specials a few times a week. Their sandwiches are great - my favorites are the Wedge (an Italian hoagie style), the Roast Beef, Chicken Salad and Reuben. Many of the sandwiches include an olive tapenade which really adds a kick of flavor. Every other Tuesday they have Crawfish Etoufee as a special, which is as good as many I've had in both Texas and Louisiana (thank god Lecretia left Tony the recipe).

Most of the sandwiches are $6.25 (includes tax), so they aren't the cheapest sandwiches in town, but they are very good. And the place is tiny, so don't be surprised if you end up eating outside (there's several picnic tables and a gazebo). It's a classic little family run place that I think will be of interest to a lot of you.

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  1. Lucretia's Little Deli is a masterpiece. As far as I know, it is the best sandwich place in Austin.

    Couple things that are amazing about the place:

    First, if you tried to special order a sandwich that would be miserable, Lucretia would go into Soup Nazi mode and refuse to make it. Awesome.

    Second, Lucretia would remember customers by name, and bits of their life story. Every time I went in there, she would mock me mercilessly, but in a friendly and fun way.

    My favorite sandwiches there include the Italian Wedge, the Muffaletta, the Club on Rye, the Chicken Salad, the Reuben, and the Turkey Moz. Actually, the Turkey Moz has maybe too much turkey on it. But it is delicious.

    Glad to hear that the new owner is committed to keeping the spirit alive!

    1. i live 3 blocks from little deli. haven't been there most of winter, but i often hit up little deli when the weather is nice enough to take a walk there for lunch. i've always loved any sandwich i get there, and any of the specials (especially pot roast!). also love the desserts!

      1. i'm a HUGE fan of the Little Deli and It's Italian. The crispy beef tacos (which is every other Thursday) are some best that I've ever had!!

        The Wedge is a masterpiece! I agree, this is one of the *best* places to get a sandwich in Austin!

        1. I live near Little Deli/Mini-Max and noticed a big hubub yesterday. Anyone know what's going on over there? Yesterday morning it looked as if some new air conditioners were being installed (cranes/huge fans) but when I drove home from work there were several police men, fire trucks, etc. The entire parking lot was blocked off.

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            Shooting of Friday Night Lights - just found out.

          2. I heart their vegetarian sandwich. Everything is meticulously sliced and arranged, much like an Italian glass mosaic.