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Jan 23, 2007 11:32 AM

B-day lunch in Providence

I am trying to organize b-day lunch for my mom and I would like to take her to more upscale place. I am having a hard time finding anything because most places open in the evening on Sundays, and we definitely do not want to eat Italian food. This would be for 9 people

Any ideas?

Thank you

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  1. Assuming you have checked the usual suspects and found none to be open for lunch (Parkside, 3 Steeple, Mills Tavern, Bravo, etc.) then if all else fails you could do Nappa Valley Grille at the mall. Good food, good service, nice atmosphere.

    1. Thanks Jenkins. Mom has been to Nappa Valley Grille already. I have called Parkside and they don't open for lunch. I haven't tried Mills Tavern nor Bravo. Where are those located?

      1. Mills Tavern is on South Main Street and Bravo is across from Trinity Rep. In fact I just checked and Bravo is open for lunch on Sundays. Been there a handful of time and enjoyed every meal. Not super spectacular, but very good and a beautiful restaurant.

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        1. re: Jenkins

          Thanks Jenkins. I am considering Bravo. I am going to give them a call and see if they can accomodate us

        2. Yes, Parkside serves lunch. I'm not sure who you spoke to, but that's incorrect. Mon-Fri, 11:30 - 4:00. You can see their lunch menu here:

          While I'm a huge fan of Parkside, keep in mind that they'll be packed at lunch, as will most downtown restaurants.

          1. JaneRI

            I am looking for lunch on Sunday.