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Jan 23, 2007 11:32 AM

Anyone have info on Larkin's in Eagle Rock?

From what I read, it was supposed to open this month, but was delayed. However, I thought I heard they might be doing tastings from time to time. Does anyone know anything else?

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  1. They are doing tastings -- I went to one this past weekend and it was fabulous! Check out my review here:

    If you go to their website and sign up for the mailing list you'll get emails from them about their tastings.

    1. What are tastings? Do you have to sign up and what are the prices like?

      1. It was a 4 course dinner -- it started with black eyed pea "cavier" and pita chips then we got to choose an appetizer, an entree and dessert. It was southern comfort food (fried chicken, pork chop, fried catfish). Check out my full description on other post -- see link above.

        It was a minimum of $25 'donation,' $35 with wine pairing. I would recommend doing the wine pairing as the wine flowed all night long!

        If you sign up for their mailing list on their website they will send you can email about the tastings and you just need to reply to that email requesting a reservation.