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Jan 23, 2007 11:18 AM

Better than Nutella

I am making this tart for a cooking contest which is a fund raiser for the Girl Scouts next Tues. P.M. The contest rules were that we had to use GS cookies and chocolate in the recipe.

There are 4 of us in my office each making 1 tart for the contest so that there will be enough tastes to go around. To keep us all on the same page I bought all of the supplies and divided them up among us. Next to the Nutella on the shelf was an Italian import, Nocello. This is seriously good stuff. No HFCs, no preservatives, just sugar, veg. oil, raosted hazelnuts, cocoa, soy lecithin and vanilla. Racconto is the importer.

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  1. I thought Nocello was walnut, not hazelnut? Like nocello liquer?

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Well the label reads hazelnuts and it tastes like hazelnuts so as the old saying goes if it walks like a duck etc. Nocello is what it is labled. If you put your pointer on the little photo of the jar it will enlarge.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        Noce = walnut
        Nocciolo = hazelnut

        I remember "noce" because my husband made the mistake of saying "buona noce" instead of "buona notte" in Italy (or "good walnut" instead of "good night").

      2. that might be "Nocino"...

        1. Have you tried the European Nutella? It's made differently than the American one and is, IMO, much better.

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          1. re: piccola

            Any ideas about where the Racconto product mentioned in the first post or the European nutella can be purchased (w/o resorting to mail order)? I've looked in many stores around the Chicago area for the European nutella w/o absolutely no luck!

            1. re: LAWoman

              Racconto is in Melrose Park, IL I imagine if you contact them they can tell you where to get it. It was in my Kroget store.

              1. re: LAWoman

                I've found it in Italian groceries in NYC. But that doesn't really help you either.

                1. re: LAWoman

                  go to any chicago aldi's and they have their own brand of nutella imported form austria which is MILES better than the american made stuff.. i am sure you can find it in any aldi's which is a really underrated store imho

              2. Trader Joe's has an all-natural chocolate-hazelnut paste that is very good. I put it in hamantaschen last year.

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                1. re: doctor_mama

                  My husband grew up on Nutella in France and one day I brought home the TJ version - he refused to touch it because he thought it was terrible. I consider him an expert on these things...

                  1. re: MaggieMuffin

                    I bought the TJ version once to use in my rugelach. Not good. Won't do it again

                  2. re: doctor_mama

                    TJ version (in the hexagonal jar) is from Turkey.

                    1. re: paulj

                      I got the TJ's version and I warmed 4 tablespoons and swirled it through brownie batter before baking.. YUM YUM YUM! Its about half the price of brand name Nutella

                  3. I'm replying here, as I can't open the reply link on the appropriate post, but you can order the Nocello spread directly from Racconto at the link Candy supplied above, (it's under the "Italian Pantry" listing).

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                    1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                      Maybe I'm retarded but I don't see the "Italian Pantry" listing and only seem to be getting pastas and such.

                      1. re: laylag

                        My eyes crossed a couple times before I found it.

               -- click on "Shop Online" --> "Racconto Italian Pantry" (next to last item, under "Shop online for," in the really scripty font). Then pick "Chocolate Hazelnut Spread" from the drop-down menu.

                        1. re: momjamin

                          Got it! Must have read that list ten times and didn't see it I don't know how I missed it. I think my eyes don't see what they used to if small and up close. I'm not that old but they say this is the age for that. Fabulous.