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Sushi Sake now Stone Horse??

I'd never tried Sushi Sake but based on all the things I'd heard and seen on this site, I tried it for lunch today. First, everything I had was outstanding. But, not sure how long ago this happened but they are now called Stone Horse. And, I grabbed a card at the hostess stand when I left and the owners are an LLC that also own Little Katana (which I've read not so great things about). Don't know if I'm breaking news or this was known all along among the regulars but I certainly hope the quality doesn't dip due to their affiliation with Little Katana. Also found it puzzling that virtually all the waitstaff, host, etc were young white kids - not the Japanese experience I expected.

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  1. The last time I went to Sushi Sake (220 W. Campbell), I noticed another restaurant on the way called Stone Horse (348 W. Campbell). I think you just pulled over too early. Glad to know it's tasty, though.

    1. No, no, that's it. I asked and they told me they used to be Sushi Sake.

      1. Sushi Sake used to be down in that shopping center complex, but they moved behind it. Stone Horse is not Sushi Sake.

        1. Okay, so where is it now?? Odd those guys told me they used to be Sushi Sake.

          1. My mistake... The Campbell address was old. Sushi Sake is now on N. Collins - turn north from Campbell and drive about 200 meters or so. It will be on the right - a bit hard to see from the road, until you're right up on it.

            1. Stone Horse is not and never was Sushi Sake. Sushi Sake was for many years inthe same shopping center that Stone Horse is in now, but they have relocated. Their new address is: 2150 N. Collins Blvd. 972-470-0722. North on Collins from Campbell. A bit difficult to find but well woth the effort. If they said they used to be Sushi Sake I believe they were lying.

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                Yeah, I'd agree with that too. Sushi Sake is just a little bit hard to find.

                All I've heard about Stone Horse is that they're overpriced, but I'll be going to see for myself tomorrow night.

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                  Went there for a Wednesday night event that I heard about at school.

                  I figured getting there at 11 wouldn't be bad since the flyer said they'd stop sushi service at 11:55. When I arrived, they were already practically out of sushi and the Philadelphia rolls I managed to buy tasted like it was made around 8 or 9. Their drink specials weren't bad, but the fact that their bartenders aren't that good turned me off from spending too much at the bar.

                  The Philadelphia Rolls I had wouldn't be an accurate measure of how fresh their fish is. Also, I didn't like their regular prices on the sushi. I'm ok with dropping a good chunk of cash for good food, but I haven't heard anything amazingly positive about Stone Horse that would justify an expensive meal there. I don't plan on going back until I hear more opinions.

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                    Just to clarify, air ... is this Stone Horse you are referring to?

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                      I would believe he is talking about Stone Horse since I do not believe Sushi Sake offers a Philadelphia roll.

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                        Sorry for not clarifying, yes, I was referring to Stone Horse.

              2. I willl confirm that Sushi Sake is open and exceptional as ever. In fact the salmon was beyond fresh.

                1. All great to hear. I will say, if you like rolls, the Charming Roll (corny name but very good) was awesome. Salmon, crab, avocado, rice paper with ahi on top and a dollop of orange sauce. Looking forward to Sushi Sake and thanks for the directions.

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                    If you are looking for a wide selection of rolls, Sushi Sake is not the place for you. If you want the freshest selection of sushi and sashmi, Sushi Sake is the first place to go in the DFW area.

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                      Do they have any lunch/happy hour specials?

                      1. re: air

                        They have a couple of lunch specials that are under $10, but I don't think any of them includede sushi.

                        I'm not sure about their happy hour.

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                          I believe that Sushi Sake has two lunch specials, one came with teriyaki salmon and the other with teriyaki chicken. Both were served with miso soup, steamed rice, and possibly a salad. If I recall, neither special included any type of sushi.

                          I apologize for the typo on "included" above, the new software will not allow me to edit my post.

                    2. Apparently, there is a lot of confusion about this Stone Horse place. Last night, we sat waiting at Sushi Sake while our guests interrogated the staff at Stone Horse about the location of the real Sushi Sake. Is there signs at Stone Horse that say "Sushi" and "Sake"?

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                        The big STONE HORSE in front of the place is pretty hard to miss too :)

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                          Yes. You will see a logo of the Stone Horse and proceeding that you will see
                          Sushi * Sake * Steak

                          I think they knew what they were doing when the put up the lettering.

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                            Funny thing, I think they took that lettering from the old Sushi Sake location when it was in that strip mall.