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Jan 23, 2007 11:18 AM

Sushi Sake now Stone Horse??

I'd never tried Sushi Sake but based on all the things I'd heard and seen on this site, I tried it for lunch today. First, everything I had was outstanding. But, not sure how long ago this happened but they are now called Stone Horse. And, I grabbed a card at the hostess stand when I left and the owners are an LLC that also own Little Katana (which I've read not so great things about). Don't know if I'm breaking news or this was known all along among the regulars but I certainly hope the quality doesn't dip due to their affiliation with Little Katana. Also found it puzzling that virtually all the waitstaff, host, etc were young white kids - not the Japanese experience I expected.

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  1. The last time I went to Sushi Sake (220 W. Campbell), I noticed another restaurant on the way called Stone Horse (348 W. Campbell). I think you just pulled over too early. Glad to know it's tasty, though.

    1. No, no, that's it. I asked and they told me they used to be Sushi Sake.

      1. Sushi Sake used to be down in that shopping center complex, but they moved behind it. Stone Horse is not Sushi Sake.

        1. Okay, so where is it now?? Odd those guys told me they used to be Sushi Sake.

          1. My mistake... The Campbell address was old. Sushi Sake is now on N. Collins - turn north from Campbell and drive about 200 meters or so. It will be on the right - a bit hard to see from the road, until you're right up on it.