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Jan 23, 2007 10:53 AM

Finally got the Free Nasty Bits (Bourdain)

I can't find the old thread where we were lamenting the wait for our free Nasty Bits book (I think it was an Amstel promotion?). I was really surprised to receive my copy in the mail last week. Did everyone else get theirs too?

(sheepish -- and does anyone know how to find anything anymore? I understand faceted search and still can't locate this old thread.)

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  1. Got mine the other day too. I was stunned!

    1. Me, too. Read the forward only.....very descriptive about a family eating a whole seal! Yes, it was disgusting, compelling, and left me wanting more.

      1. I dug into it last night and really liked it -- especially the commentary he makes about each piece afterwards (in the back of the book). He comments about how he's changed since he wrote a piece, or apologizes for the tone of an essay, gives context for the remarks. Makes him much more human to me.

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          Yes, it is important to read the commentary in the back of the book. It seems to me that AB is becoming a better and better writer. I really enjoyed this book.

        2. I got mine today! Very surprised!

          1. Great read, some chapters I really enjoyed, including the one on Masa's in New York, chapters on Singapore and Vietnam, I am so hungry now on a Friday night reading his book! And...the fact he gives props to the really people doing all the work in the back kitchens--