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Jan 23, 2007 10:50 AM

Street Vendors

Any suggestions? Anything in particular to avoid?

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  1. Beginning 1/1/07 split my time in CT and NY.

    Good - Saw a line at NE corner 46/Park. They serve chicken, phil cheese steak, sausage, so got in line. Philly cheesesteak onion peppers ketchup, $3.50. Excellent, better than Carls.

    Bad - NW corner 47/Park soup guy. Had beef barley. Probably 3000Mg sodium. My body swelled so much the ticket taker on metro north that night almost made me pay for two seats.

    1. You have to try "The Cart" on 6th Avenue and 53rd (southwest corner and AFTER 7:30 PM). It's meat and rice, but boy is the sauce good (and very famous).

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        And bring your Kevlar.

        In addition to Chicken and Rice, I like Kwik Meal (6th and 46th, and Hallo Berlin (5th and 50th?).

      2. I second "The Cart" on SW corner of 53rd and 6th. It is good, filling, cheap and the sauce...
        Just be prepared to wait in line. These guys are famous in the tri-state area.

        1. Ya'll must go see the movie Man Push Cart. Saw it at Sundance last year and still talking about it a year later. I'm not going to tell you anymore, just go see it. It's an indie film so not sure about the theatrical release but its just opening now at an arthouse theater in Austin so I suppose is in NYC as well.