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Chicken Kiev

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I was holding out hope that the Russian Tea Room would have it, but alas...no. Does anyone have a rec where I can get this childhood obsession of mine?

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  1. A couple of good Russian/Eastern European restaurants that might have chicken Kiev are Firebird, Russian Samovar (great atmosphere!), Uncle Vanya, and Veselka. But call ahead before you go to make sure - their menus & specials change from time to time.

    1. if you don't mind traveling to brooklyn and doing take-out, many of the russian stores along brighton beach avenue have jaw-droppingly massive kievs available in their prepared foods areas.

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        Taste of Russia
        219 Brighton Beach Avenue
        Brooklyn, New York 11235-7406
        (718) 934-6167

        Fresh, great tasting, and authentic Russian food. (Their prepared foods menu varies).

      2. uncle vanya has it for sure...but, will look like a hole in a wall place compared to the russian tea room. it's on west 54th bt.8th and 9th ave. and i think delivers.

        1. RTR has it. It's on the back of the menu.

          1. I think The Russian Vodka Room has Chicken Kiev.

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              It's called the Russian Tea Room. I haven't been but from what I've read, it's an option but not on the regular menu. Haven't heard the best things about this dish at RTR.

            2. If you can eat a whole stick of butter plus a whole chicken breast (both sides) plus breading, the Russian Tea Room is the place to go. As meatme (and Bruni) say, it's hidden at the back of the menu. Part of the show is that the waiter cuts it open and the melted butter spurts out, submerging everything on the plate.

              Ask for it over kasha instead of rice. It's a bit less cloying that way.