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Jan 23, 2007 10:48 AM

Chicken Kiev

I was holding out hope that the Russian Tea Room would have it, but Does anyone have a rec where I can get this childhood obsession of mine?

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  1. A couple of good Russian/Eastern European restaurants that might have chicken Kiev are Firebird, Russian Samovar (great atmosphere!), Uncle Vanya, and Veselka. But call ahead before you go to make sure - their menus & specials change from time to time.

    1. if you don't mind traveling to brooklyn and doing take-out, many of the russian stores along brighton beach avenue have jaw-droppingly massive kievs available in their prepared foods areas.

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      1. re: wleatherette

        Taste of Russia
        219 Brighton Beach Avenue
        Brooklyn, New York 11235-7406
        (718) 934-6167

        Fresh, great tasting, and authentic Russian food. (Their prepared foods menu varies).

      2. uncle vanya has it for sure...but, will look like a hole in a wall place compared to the russian tea room. it's on west 54th bt.8th and 9th ave. and i think delivers.

        1. RTR has it. It's on the back of the menu.

          1. I think The Russian Vodka Room has Chicken Kiev.

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              It's called the Russian Tea Room. I haven't been but from what I've read, it's an option but not on the regular menu. Haven't heard the best things about this dish at RTR.