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Jan 23, 2007 10:41 AM

Best Chinese/Vietnamese/Indian for B-day

For my birthday on Saturday I'll be going out with a group of about ten (including 3 kids). I'd like suggestions for a good Chinese/Vietnamese or Indian restaurant in the city or Delaware county suburbs. Thanks!

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  1. For city--if you want a taste both Indian, Chinese with also some Thai flavors then Rangoon is the way to go (Chinatown). Penang has all these flavors as well (Malaysian). Vietnam in Chinatown is wonderful too, and the space is beautiful. High End Chinese-Susanna Foo

    1. If you want Indian in the suburbs, I'd go to Khajuraho on Greenfield Avenue in Ardmore.

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        Boy, would I not agree with this one! Besides the fact that the place is filled with sexually themed statues, these have got to be the rudest people in the world! I know I'm not alone in wanting to give it a good chance after hearing good revues, and then continuously having very unpleasant experiences there.

        If it's worth it to you to go for the food, so be it, but for a celebratory dinner with kids, I think not. There are so many good choices in the city, and the Chinese places especially are used to accomodating large family groups.

      2. with a big group you'll have to be careful since alot of the best places don't take reservations. cafe spice in old city makes very good indian food and takes reservations, but it is a bit pricey and definitely a cleaner/more sterile environment than most good indian places. for vietnamese, vietnam restaurant is the best, but they don't take reservations. vietnam palace is also pretty decent, but i am not sure if they take for good chinese places that take reservations, i am at a loss. if you go early to any place you can probably find seating for the whole group and i would recommend shiao lan kung, lee how fuk. if you feel like venturing farther from center city, there are many good chinese and korean restuarants in south philly.