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Jan 23, 2007 10:34 AM

Greek Pastry and Baklava

There are a few good greek Bakeries that i know of one being Elite on Kennedy just south of the 401 and of course Demetre's desserts are scruptuous. Can anyone reccomend a bakery that specialized in good greek pasteries. Thanks for your assistance. Mr. D

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  1. I like Serano Bakery on Pape near Mortimer the best. They have a huge selection of pastries and I have always found them to be very fresh. They do not seem to skimp on butter or nuts like some of the lesser bakeries in the neighbourhood. Serano has at least 6 different variations of baklava, including miniature and rolled versions. I recommend their melomakarona, kataifi, kourabiedes, cokes (which are chocolate covered cream-filled cakes) & baklava.
    For loukamades, I recommend Athens Pastries.

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      Wow great information I will definitely give Serano a try do you know if they happen to make there Bobas

      1. re: Mr.D

        I'm not sure, I'm not familiar with Bobas. Serano's phone number is (416) 462-2735, if you 'd like to call them to ask. They are located at 830 Pape Avenue.

    2. My two favourite choices for Baklava are at Europa Bakery on Danforth, south side between pape and jones, and at Tahsin Market just down the street from Europa. Europa makes their own Phyllo and also does not skimp on nuts and butter, though i admit I've never tried Serano's (tehy haev great birthday cak though!). Tahsin sells a Turkish style Baklava based on Pistachios, that for my money is the best in town.

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        I must disagree with you about Europa. Unless things have changed in the last couple of months, their otherwise excellent phyllo products were ruined by a strong artificial flavour of some kind. (Though I do like their Portuguese custard tarts.)

      2. It's not Greek, but Patisserie Royale at Lawrence & Pharmacy makes the best I have ever eaten. (These are dryer than the Greek style and less sweet.