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Jan 23, 2007 10:29 AM

[MSP] Chowish bright spot to my day: Maverick's in Roseville

There isn't a lot that doesn't seem a little better after a nice beef brisket sandwich from Maverick's. I even got the fries today.

Did good chow bring anyone else a little joy today?


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  1. I brought some Mel-O-Glaze doughnuts in to my team meeting at work this morning. That brightened a lot of days!

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    1. re: Jordan

      Where's Mel-O-Glaze? Sounds good.

      I've been thing about picking up some croissants from Trung Nam for folks here at the office one morning this week. But, doughnuts are good.


    2. Be darned, they have a website!

      Don't let the "Internet cafe" stuff fool you. A few years back, they redecorated and put in some computers and a big flat-panel TV. But it's still a little bakery that makes the best cake doughnuts around.

      1. Oh, that looks great. I'm pretty sure I've driven by there, but, alas, did not stop in. I will have to make a point to next time! Sadly, it's out of my way for bringing coffee and doughnuts to work, but, maybe for some weekend gathering of friends.


        1. Oh sadly I lived near Mel-O-Glaze several years ago and never stopped in. What was I thinking? I'm "saving my appetitie" for a trip to Little Szechuan tonight, but I've just had my homebound lunch of Triscuits and sardines in mustard and a smiley-face cookie from SuperAmerica, my embarrassing food secret. I'm going to start a post asking people their local embarrassing food secrets. In fact, I'll do it now.


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          1. re: jeanmt

            Well, at least you have a good excuse to bring LEFTOVERS from Little Szechuan. Alice says the green beans are good cold.


          2. Hey TDQ... you should try the regular roast beef on an onion roll. I don't know why they don't make a bigger deal about having onion rolls. (Nor do I understand why it is so hard to get a good roll in this town.... am I asking too much?)

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            1. re: Danny

              I am not an onion roll aficionado--theirs are especially good, eh? Maybe I'll have one for lunch later this week, just to test it.