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Jan 23, 2007 10:21 AM

Dinner near Binny's Lakeview/3000 N. Clark?

I'm attending a tasting tonight at the Binny's at 3000 N. Clark. I don't know that part of the north side, and I'll be taking the L rather than driving, so I'm looking for a nice, quiet place, preferably American or Italian, for a decent dinner afterwards very close to Clark/Wellington/Halsted. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Jack's on Halsted
    3201 N. Halsted St.

    3441 N. Halsted St.

    You can then take the el from Belmont rather than walking back to Wellington.

    1. you could try Erwin
      (2925 N. Halsted St. ) Not too far from there-- American contemporary type (comfort food) food-- small place, quiet. Probably easy to get a table this late on a tuesday night. I would definatley check it out.

      1. There is also a Francessca's right by there.

        1. I've never been nuts about Erwin. X/O is a nice choice. Headed in the other direction, Sapori is a nice little Italian spot. It's certainly not the most authentic, but I've always had very good meals there.

          2701 N. Halsted
          (773) 832-9999

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            Thanks for the recommendation of Sapori, which I tried. The shellfish in the risotto pescatore tasted pristinely fresh. Service was very friendly, and the owner, Anthony, is a sweetheart.

          2. Raj Darbar at 2660 N. Halsted has some of the better Indian food to be found off of Devon. Fattoush at 2652 N. Halsted has solid middle eastern food in a very casual environment. The toum is intensely garlicky. It's not well known, but it's quite good.

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              Which would you consider those, "preferably American" or "preferably Italian"? ;)

              1. re: deesher

                Wow, I'm not sure how I've missed those both since they're right around the corner from me. I'll have to give them a shot.

                Any suggestions other than the toum?

                1. re: deesher

                  Just tried Fattoush tonight and really enjoyed it. That toum is indeed darn tasty. Thanks for the heads up, it's nice knowing there's good Lebanese food in the area and I'm sure I'll be going back frequently.