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Tito's Vodka

I just wanted to let all the vodka 'hounds on the board know about Tito's Vodka. I have been buying it for some time, but I have not seen it mentioned on the board. If you have not tried it, I find it to be an excellent vodka. It is American-made in Texas and has limited availability (Trader Joe's does stock it). The price is $16.99 for 750 mL, but it is comparable - if not superior - to the high-end vodkas in the $30 price range.

Tito's is excellent in martinis and straight out of the freezer, and is value priced which makes it a good vodka for vodka-forward mixed drinks as well. My favorite is to bring it out at parties and surprise the guests.

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  1. I like the idea of it, but have yet to try.


    1. Titos is the greatest.

      L-o-v-e it. Especially at the price.

      I'm sure demand will drive the cost up, but it's a bargain at 2x the price.

      1. I have a bottle of Tito's in my freeze most of the time. My friends who are fans of Ketel One don't care for it, but all others do. It's great for mixing.

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          after drinking titos , to put ketel one in your mouth is like throwing a blow torch in it.... Titos is very very smooth

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            From what I have heard at distilling conferences from those who know the internal workings there, they now actually distill only a small amount of vodka themselves. Then blend in huge amounts of commercially made pure neutral grain spirits and add water. It has a hint of flavor from their own vodka, but is mostly NGS. So it's very chemically pure and so it's smooth.

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              I still make my vodka the same way as I always have. Usually people say I sold out or that its made in another state or something but all the vodka I produce is distilled and bottled on the same 12 acres in Austin that it has since the inception. I keep building more distilling and more bottling. I think most people would have sold out by now but I love what I do and so I keep making more of it as long as I can keep the quality up to my standards. In our industry we consider every knock a boost so if they aren't talking smack about you then you aren't doing something right. Cheers! Tito

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                Are you distilling from 100% corn and/or other grains in a mash or wash? Or are you redistilling from corn or grain NGS?

        2. I didn't like Tito's all that much; for the money, I'd buy Zytnia...

          1. I've been meaning to try this after I saw it on 3Luxe's top three -http://www.3luxe.com/best_ofs/Vodka/T... - so I'm glad to see that other people like it. Now I just need to source it in Chicago, because our Trader Joe's don't carry spirits.

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              I'm not sure of the liquor laws in Chicago, but in New England, Tito's is also sold at regular packies (liquor stores to the uninspired). :)

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                Yes, it has been a while, but if anyone in the Chicago area is looking for Tito's, it is stocked at Binny's.

            2. Amazing vodka!!! I had heard so much good about it and bought my first bottle this evening. It is WONDERFUL!! It is the easiest on the nose of any I have tried and is great drinking on its own. Thanks so much for the insight to this excellent spirit!

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              1. I never heard of it before! I will have to run out to Trader Joe's any buy some!

                1. Titos vodka is my favorite vodka. As a vodka aficionado I am always searching for the most enjoyable spirit. And I am proud to say Titos vodka has taken the place of my former favorite Hangar One. Find it at trader joes and drink it the way it was born.

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                  1. Tito's is definitely my #1 choice based primarily on taste. It doesn't hurt that it's priced like a bottom end vodka.

                    1. Vodka is a boring, useless spirit imho, but if I'm going to buy vodka for any reason, I'd be mush happier buying an artisinal product such as Tito's. I've noticed that they've started to run some print ads, and apparently the vodka is pot distilled. That's cool, maybe it actually has some flavor?

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                        I bought the TIto's 1.75 for $26 last week and a couple of weeks ago, I bought the Pinnacle Vodka for $16 for the 1.75 (both on sale) This weekend, I froze both of them up for shooters and the consensus was that they were very close in taste. We thought both were very smooth and they also mixed well. That being said, When I need Vodka again the Pinnacle would win out as long as it remains cheaper.

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                          I was just at my liquor store and I bought Pinnacle Vodka on the recommendation of one of the sales people. He said it's one of his top sellers.

                      2. Tito's is really good for a mixer to fruity cocktails in my opinion. It's pretty smooth and it's pretty cheap. I would rather drink Tito's then Smirnoff or Absolute in mixed drinks.

                        But I don't like it straight; on the very rare occasion that I will actually drink Vodka straight, I enjoy Grey Goose.

                        But I mostly use Vodka in Martini's where I usually use Stoli's or Ketel One.

                        Tito's has a very distinct "corn" flavor to it which I don't really like in my Martini's.

                        But it's not a bad Vodka. I have gotten a pretty good headache from it before though, which is another reason I stick with Ketel or Stoli's. These two seem to treat me better the next day.

                        1. Love Tito's. Great vodka for mixing. Always a half gallon in the freezer. The price recently went up here in Michigan from 29.99 to 31.99 for the half gallon. Still a great deal.

                          For a straight vodka, Hangar One cannot be beat.

                          Best regards, tony
                          northville, MI

                          1. Have been drinking it straight, right out of the freezer, and find it to be very good.

                              1. I really, really wanted to like Tito's. I've read some interviews and he seems like a heck of a guy, and he financed the whole thing on credit cards, going deeply into debt - so I loved the story, and boy would I love to see a domestic product spank the imports, but it's just not my thing.

                                I'm sticking with Luksusowa.

                                1. Since my wife is Gluten intolerant, we were drinking Chopin or Luksusowa. On vacation in August we tried Tito's and we have a new favorite at less than half the price of Chopin! Tito's is certified Gluten-Free. Check out the bottle!

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                                    All spirits that are not flavored are gluten free.

                                    1. re: JMF

                                      Doncha just love marketing! ;^)

                                    2. re: Flylloyd

                                      I picked up a bottle to have on hand for my next get-together and saw the cardboard ring attached to the bottle both touting it is gluten free, as well as how highly ranked it was in some competition. The irony is I bought it solely because it was $14.99 for a fifth! LOL

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                                        That gluten free thing is pure marketing hype. All unflavored spirits are gluten free. Gluten doesn't carry over in the distilling process.

                                        1. re: JMF

                                          I know, but I did find "the big push" on the bottle to be funny.