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Jan 23, 2007 10:00 AM

72nd and Amsterdam- Just Moved In

All I know so far is Grey's Papaya, Levaine Bakery, Viand Diner, and Nikko's Greek Restaurant. What else is great? (Any price, any food!)

Recommendations AND warnings greatly appreciated.

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  1. San Luigi's isn't terrible. Isabella's is always servicable. I like Jacques-Imos, and Flor de Mayo as well.

    1. Welcome, neighbor!

      I live on 72nd and CPW, here are my faves in the area:
      Cafe Ronda (argentinian)
      Ten zan (sushi)
      Ivy's Cafe (delivery for chinese and sushi)
      La Vela (Italian delivery)
      Flor de Mayo (also delivery)
      Ouest (more upscale dining)
      Nice Matin (drinks with friends and food at bar)
      Ocean Grill (raw bar)
      Shalel (Date Drinks)
      Bin 71 (small dishes and wine)

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      1. re: JoLi

        I think Nice Matin could go for date drinks, too. And the bread basket is awesome.

        Swagat is good too, and just across the street.

      2. Indian: Earthen Oven (72nd and Columbus)
        Pre-theatre/dinner with my parents: Compass (70th St btw Amsterdam and West End)
        Brunch: Fairway Cafe (upstairs at Fairway, super yummy thin pancakes)
        Hunan Park: (71st and Columbus) standard Chinese food done quite well, extremely fast delivery
        When Someone Else is Paying: Telepan (yum, yum, yum!)

        I went to 'Cesca (75th and Amsterdam) a few weeks ago and was very dissapointed. The last time I had been there was a while ago and I had an exellently prepared branzino. This time around, I found the menu quite unimaginative and was really just bored by the whole experience. The food was fine, but completely unexciting. I was quite dissapointed with the wait staff as well, who were at times so on top of the table I thought the person was going to dance on it, and then 10 minutes later could not be found. All in all, an uneven experience.

        Also, Frank Bruni just wrote in his blog about Bistro Cassis (I think Columbus btw 70th and 71st) and was quite complimentary of the standard bistro fare available. I have not been there, but look forward to trying it.

        1. Welcome to the land of the incredibly average. If you've suffered through Nikko's, it can't get much worse.

          I'll add one of my faves since you're now a local - the All-State - on 72nd bet bway/west end - south side. You'll probably walk right past it the 1st time. Great local flavor and an excellent burger. Plenty of non bar food choices as well. Cash only.

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          1. re: harrison

            DID walk by it. Will stop next time. How about Negril (across the street, on the north side)? I loved the kosher pizza place, on the south side.

            ("Incredibly average"...explains why they're knocking down a 100 year old historic building for a glass monstrocity on 72nd and B'way.)

            1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

              incredibly average when it comes to decent restaurants with decent prices...i've still perplexed why there is not 1 decent chinese place between 72nd and 96th street!

              1. re: harrison

                But just above 96, there is Pearl's which although not ChinaTown worthy, is the best of the current bunch...fresh and fast.

          2. Hey, what's wrong with Nikkos? Great bread basket. Huge menu with lots of interesting Greek choices. Very reasonable prices on food and wine. Excellent thin-crust pizzas. It's one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants.

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            1. re: Manhattan Diner

              Nikko's is just a perfect example of the incredibly average I refer to. I have high hopes for the new casual Greek incarnation that Onera will be.

              1. re: harrison

                Haven't been in a while (and perhaps that in itself is telling), but I always thought their grilled fish on a plank was well prepared, tasty, and very modestly priced. It's a huge menu, but I think (or thought) one could choose judiciously and get quite a good meal at a very affordable price.

                1. re: harrison

                  that's kefi. i have posted on it several times. it's very good...better than onera was for sure