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Jan 23, 2007 09:53 AM

Greek Bakeries

A friend from California is in town and asked me if I knew of any good Greek bakeries in New York. Being ignorant on that particular topic, I told her to wander Astoria. I wondered if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Poseidon on 9th Avenue.

    1. I concur with the Poseidon on 9th Avenue near the Port Authority. They sell phylo dough as well. In Astoria there's one that's very popular located on Broadway which name escapes me as I haven't been there for awhile...might be Omonia or sounded something like that...there's space to sit and sip coffee there as well. Poseidon is just a bakery not much place to sit in and linger.

      1. I love Omonia Cafe in Astoria at 3220 Broadway. Best greek pastries that I am aware of.

        1. I like Lefkos Pyrgos under the train station at Ditmars Blvd. Yummy phyllo pastries including baklava. I was introduced to that place by a Greek friend who declared it to be one of the best.

          1. I think there is literally no other "Greek bakery" in Manhattan than Poseidon at this point, but temper your expectations. I don't buy stuff regularly, but we do go pretty crazy every Easter and Christmas, for years, and it's been heading slowly downhill for years IMNSHO. It's not unacceptable and maybe not even poor, but certainly not great and not even "very good" anymore. It's just been getting more and more leaden and dull, seems to me less honey in favor of sugar syrup, and stuff like that

            I haven't tried them, but Kalustyan's has some nut/phyllo pastries if not specifically "Greek" that might be worth a try. For cookies and cake-y things, if you want very good or better, I think you have to go to Astoria (if there. I'm not familiar with any of them yet since I'd been sticking with Poseidon for so long.)

            Poseidon Bakery
            629 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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              I haven't noticed any falloff in quality at Poseidon. I've been going there on and off for several years, and the last time I was there was within the last three months or so. But I hear you about sugar syrup vs. honey. Maybe I don't go there frequently enough to have noticed.

              1. re: Pan

                I have never been to Poseidon, but just want to say that there's nothing wrong with sugar syrup - sugar syrup is indeed 'authentic' and how most Greek pastries and cakes are prepared in Greece.

                1. re: dmoutsop

                  Poseidon is mediocre. Their finikia have an off-taste due probably to the fat they use and sweetener. There's nothing wrong with sugar syrup per se but some recipes should have a quality honey and definitely NOT corn syrup.

                  Poseidon Bakery
                  629 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036