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new super 88 in malden

heard the old one (eastern ave) is closing when the new one (commercial st) opens. supposed to open on the 26th but doesn't look finished. info?

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  1. Huh, I didn't know they were moving, but if they'll be nearer to my house, I'm for it. I live in Malden but since I have no car, grocery shopping is a bike- or feet-only affair, and the Eastern location was farther than I liked in the winter... Do you know, Commercial and what cross street?

    1. It's near Dom's Sausage and that hardware store. Sort of behind it looks like.

      1. Looks like the new Super 88 is located behind Lamson & Davis Ace Hardware 170 Commercial Street in Malden.

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          Much easier for me to bike to! Hurray!

        2. eastern ave location officially closed

          1. The commercial street location opened yesterday. It looks good, though not yet quite fully stocked, for example some of the frozen cases aren't yet full.

            It has a bakery and roasted meat counter, as well as a nice looking fish counter.

            There were rumors a food court, a la the Allston Super 88, will be moving into the space as well, but no sign of it yet.

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              w00t! I do hope the food court will materialize--Allston's not an easy destination for me.

              I'll probably hit the new location up in a few weeks, when we're ready for another grocery run; bet they'll be fully stocked by then.

            2. how does it compare to the eastern ave loc?

              1. I drove down Commercial Street last Friday night and didn't look like it could possibly open anytime in the next week.

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                  I could see a full parking lot and people coming and going as I rode the T north into Malden today.

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                    Just came back from there - it is open - and it is big & beautiful!! Much better than the Eastern Ave. location. This was late - about a hr before closing. They had pastry, but no other cooked goods - although there was someone washing down an area that looked as though it had the roasted meat earlier. Lots of fish, great veggie & fruit (for the season) selection, frozen goods were plentiful. No food court - yet - but we can hope!

                2. better selection than eastern ave. great choice of pickles, sauces, and frozen goods. beverage aisle needs improvement. meat counter open. pastry counter open but had american pastries and small selection of buns. prices seem a little higher. sign announcing new ace hardware in spot where future food court was expected

                  1. We went last night around dinner time and the place was packed! I love the kam man center but its such a haul from the northshore. They pretty much had everything I wanted at the new super 88. I really wish the bakery case was a little better stocked but we were able to buy hot rice and sausage wrapped in leaves, the best peking duck I have bought in the boston area (really meaty) and pork (barely any fat). I noticed they had banh mi in the case and a few other simple asian pastries. They had a great bbq stand, meat area (very well stocked), tons of fruits and veggies (I think its bigger than the veggie/fruit selection at kam man) . There was a huge selection of new year items (our main goal). We picked up oranges (2/$1), oranges w/ stems (8 for $2.60ish), apples (3/$1), dried lotus root, chocolate peanuts, gold coins, new year decorations etc.. good selection of tofu, noodles and freezer items. All around a really clean place with a good selection. The things I miss though are a fully stocked bakery, a few other stores to shop at, a restaurant right there (its nice to be able to go have lunch and walk over to the supermarket w/o having to pack up the kids again). I think a food court would do great there! Though I won't complain b/c it is so much closer to our house!

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                      For a few other places to shop- try Doms sausage- great sausages, tips, etc. Also, a few doors down is Piatadosi warehouse. GReat bread, rolls. Open to the public. Not sure of the hours- I know it opens early in the am. But a must stop. I always have to buy an extra french bread, as on usually get the eaten on the way home. Such a great smell!!

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                        They were already made in the bakery case. Didn't buy one so no idea how it tasted. I did get sticky rice and sausage in a leaf (it was hot). It was great.

                      2. have I mentioned lately how much I love having the new super88 in malden? now only if they would get a banh mi stand, a more substantial bakery case and more self-serve in the fish case.
                        I have long been looking for khmer/viet taro custard (its a very dense custard) and have only been able to find it in Toronto. They have it in the freezer case at super88 and the big asian market in lowell (though in lowell its fresh! they have great fresh viet/khmer goodies in lowell that I haven't seen since we lived in TO)
                        At super88 they also have a great durian sticky rice with coconut milk that is frozen it almost tastes like what we would make at home.

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                          The bakery has bahn mi but only on weekends.

                        2. Has anyone spotted fresh kefir lime leaf at this 88? I've never found it in the Allston store, and it's a bit of a drive to get it at the Cambodian groceries in Lowell. Would be nice to have a source closer by.