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Jan 23, 2007 09:21 AM

Florida theme menu? (for superbowl)

I was hoping to make some Florida inspired food for the Superbowl but not being from there, or having never visited I am drawing a blank?

I was thinking Cuban? Seafood?

Any ideas/recipes would be greatly appreciated, I am trying to make a fun day for guests

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  1. Crab Claws w/creamy mustard sauce, though expensive, would be great. Key Lime squares would be good too. Anything seafood, citrus-flavored is very florida. If you want to incorporate Cuban, how about Black Bean dip with Plaintain Chips?

    1. cuban sandwiches would probably be great for sport party...

      use a crusty bread (cuban or french)
      butter the bread, fill it with ham, roast pork, swiss cheese and dill pickle.
      need to grill it somehow, if you have a sandwich press use it. if not you can put it in the oven with a heavy skillet or something on top of the sandwich, or you can grill it using something heavy on top to press the sandwich as it is grilling. cheese should be melted bread should be golden.

      1. Especially since the Super Bowl's in Miami, I say go Cuban. Cuban sandwiches would be great party food, black beans, fried plantains, or even arroz con pollo (chicken w/yellow rice), my favorite Cuban dish.

        Key lime pie for dessert!

        1. Hey, we are major Chicago Bears fans. Our plans for the Super Bowl include typical Chicago fare: deep dish pizza, hot dogs, brats, Francheezies, hand cut French Fries, beer. You got to support the cuisine of your team! I wonder what Colts' fans are making?

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            Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches is the way this Colts fan is leaning.

          2. cuban sounds good to me - throw in some mojitos and/or some hatuey and you're all over it. if you don't want to just do sandwiches and BB soup, you could also try papas rellenas (one of my personal favorite cuban treats) but that may be a bit too labor intensive. (course, as unchowhound as it may be, you could cheat and buy those frozen ;) )