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Search - No sorting by date?

O.k. I'm definitely not crazy about the new format, but I could probably live with it if I could figure out how to sort by date after I've searched on the boards for something. I don't want to wade through reviews that are several years old. Perhaps I'm missing something? If not, this is absolutely a glitch that needs to be fixed!

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    1. Please please please bring back sort by date. I don't care what somebody wrote about a restaurant four whole years ago.

      1. There's no sorting at all, and no filtering other than by board.

        In other words, the Advanced search is gone. Massive regression bug.

        1. dudes i was just gonna post the same complaint

          come on, SORT BY DATE!

          san diego food blog

          1. all chow hounds should be howling mad with what has happened to this site. ugh. I take off for a week to sunny florida and come back to what was my favorite site to satisfy my culinary lusts and all I am getting is indigestion. this new format is a bust. the search engine is so inane that if you put in les camelots it brings up hits with only les and camelots must have gone back to the u.k. cuz it never shows up!! if the squeaky wheel gets the grease then we should all be rabid about this degradation to the site and join in a cacophony of guttural noises befitting what is being shoved down our throats!!!

            1. am I stupid? I can't even find the search toolbar anywhere

              don't answer that question.... and yes I found it

              1. Please give us a way to sort search results by date. The current sort order seems unhelpful because I have no idea what you are sorting on. And if we only want to see recent posts on a particular topic or restaurant, there is no way to get that information.

                You should probably add a whole bunch of sort options from your search results page. That would be helpful.

                1. We are going to start overhauling the search subsystem this coming week; after that things should be much better.

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                  1. re: Engineering

                    When do you expect the overhaul to be complete?

                  2. What happened? Chowhound is now unsearchable and no sorting by date--that was the most important feature. Why the change?

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                    1. re: amie32

                      Huh, the results were sorted in reverse order by date the other day. Must be regression.

                      The advanced search was lost in the recent upgrade and there are also some bugs.

                      In the meantime you can work around some of the limitations by using Google's inurl: and intitle: operators, e.g.:

                      site:www.chowhound.com inurl:topics intitle:"San Francisco Bay Area" "fried chicken"

                    2. just another user who won't use the site again until sorting by date is possible. thanks