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Anyone been to Pigalle Recently?

It's been a while and I wanted to try it again. Are they still at the top of their game? Sorry if this topic has been covered before, but I cannot figure out how to sort by date on the site anymore. A search gets me results from 2001 mixed in with some 2006 resultss.

Also, what to order if we go there? and is the wine tasting pairing (apparently Alsatian now) worth trying.

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  1. Went a few weeks ago. The food was delicious. I had the steak tartare and the cassoulet, both of which were fantastic. The beans in the cassoulet were the best I've ever had.

    (Side-note: I wanted to make beans recently and tried to get the traditional cassoulet beans, tarbais beans. Found them at Christina's for about $14 per pound. I couldn't believe the price, I went with cannelini instead.)

    Our waitress was very nice and knowledgeable.

    Unfortunately, though, they were a bit off their game. We had to wait 20 minutes to be seated, which somehow wasn't enough time for the bartender to make a round of drinks for us before we sat down.

    Beyond the great waitress, the other dining room attendants were a bit slow. Water glasses remained empty, empty plates remained for a while. For a restaurant of that caliber, all the cogs should be working.

    Worked out to $85 each, which was surprisingly low. There were six of us, we each had a cocktail, split a $50 bottle, and shared two desserts, including the awesome cookie plate. Still surprised that it worked out to so little with a 20+% tip.

    One of the cookies was a small chocolate and peanut butter thing that was seriously the best cookie I have ever had in my life.

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      Gordon Hamersley uses flageolet beans in his cassoulet. Wonder if they'd be consderably cheaper.

    2. I was there in August for the first & last time. We had reservations but had to wait about 30 mins., although, they did buy us a round of drinks, which was nice. The appetizers were not impressive, although, my sister's crispy phyllo tuna rolls were decent.There were 4 of us & we all got something different, and every one of us really hated our dishes --I mean hated. It was not "okay", or "so-so," it was AWFUL. It was as if there was a bucket of salt dumped on each dish to the point of being inedible. We were so disappointed & I was embarrased as our dinner companions travelled almost an hour to eat at this place that I recommended!

      1. Sorry you had such a bad experience. I have dined there at least a dozen times, and it has been nearly flawless (foodwise) each time. I have never read such a negative review of Pigalle on these boards. Your experience is the exception unfortunately.

        1. It's been awhile since I've been, but I've never had anything but good to great meals there, with great to outstanding service.

          1. I have been three times in the past year, one very good meal and two average meals. I had a bad experiance while dining with my SO. I had called ahead and alerted them of a birthday in the party ("a candle in our dessert would be great"), plus I told the hostess when we were being seated. When the dessert came there was no candle and the hostess had gone home. Also the first two bottles of wine that we ordered were out, the only decently priced selections.

            1. Do they still have the Sunday night tasting menu?

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                They did as of November, so likely.

              2. We were there less than a month ago and enjoyed our experience. Didn't have a reservation but had no problem being seated very early on a Friday night. The service was solicitous, with no long waits between courses. The only specific dish I remember is the eggplant terrine appetizer. I remember thinking that, while many of the items sound predictable on the menu, the execution made for surprisingly delicious flavors. I was a little surprised by the space, which many have described as romantic...I thought it still felt a bit like a basement (low ceilings, support posts in the middle of the room), even though they've obviously done what they can to make the best of it. Also surprised by the inventiveness and quality of the cocktails...and the existence of a small bar area, to which I could easily see returning. Overall, much, much more enjoyable than our experience at MarcO.

                1. I'm pretty disappointed to read some of these reviews. I'm going there this Saturday for my birthday, based on previous reviews from this board. I never get to go out (we don't have a reliable babysitter yet), so I'll be bummed if the meal is average.

                  1. I've been to Pigalle about half a dozen times, most recently last fall, and have always had a wonderful time - great meal with excellent service and wine. Be sure to request one of the cozy banquettes.

                    1. I agree with Rubee - it is one of my favorite sure-fire places to get a reliably good meal. It never disappoints.

                      1. Went last night, overall a very good meal. Here is our take. For Apps our table had duck confit tortollini (app size), chestnut soup, steak tartare, beet terrine and a bibb salad. Thought the tortellini was great. In a brown butter sauce that had hints of the duck fat, very tight, very nice. The steak tartare was fabulous, I wish I ordered it. Heard the soup was good, but did not try it. Beet terrine was just OK, very pretty, but just OK. Salad is salad for me, so no comments on that.

                        For dinner, several cassoulet's were ordered (it was 15 degrees last night, so it seemed appropriate), a steak frites and a roasted duck. The steak was very good, frites were perfect, well executed dish. The roasted duck was 2 confit legs placed on top of mashed potatoes. I think confit is one of the reasons to live, so no compliants, I just think the description of the dish is a little misleading. The confit was cooked to perfection, juicy meat and crunchy skin. As for the cassoulet, it was very good. Served with s piece of braised lamb shank, a duck confit leg and pork sausage. Each piece of meat was fabulous. The beans were also very good, a very filling meal. Here is my complaint, one that I have aired in the past about boston cassoulet. It was not cassoulet, it was cooked beans with a meat piled on top. To me cassoulet is supposed to be cooked with the meats, and therefore the beans take up the flavor of the meat. You can always add a duck leg and sauasge on top of the crispy mess, but the beans should have that wonderful, funky flavor of various pieces of game meats. Again, it was really good, but not really cassoulet.

                        Desserts were OK, I wasn't especially impressed or depressed by anything. I thought the cake in the chocolate trio could have been executed better (it was a little dry). The fruit terrine was very pretty and very tasty. Person who had the cheesecake said it was very good. They gave us an apple cobbler on the house, which was a nice gesture. I am just not a fan of granola on top of my dessert.

                        All done and told $105/pp with three bottles of wine (for 5 people), a few dessert drinks and coffee. I'll go back, but not in a rush at that price. I'll also mention that I thought their wine list was very good and not overly marked up. Some very nice french regional wines from the Loire, Alsace, and the Rhone, many in the $40 - $70/btl range.