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Antoine's or Arnaud's for brunch?

San Francisco hound staying in NOLA for 4 days and stuck between going to Arnaud's or Antoine's for brunch. Heard about Antoine's Sardou, Alaska, and Cafe Diablo but there's also Arnaud's famous shrimp remoulade and trout meuniere. Below is my restaurant itinerary and any critiques or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

-Petunias for brunch
-Central Grocery for muffuletta
-August for dinner

-Arnaud's or Antoine's for brunch
-Commander's for dinner

-Brennan's for breakfast
-Mother's for lunch
-K-Paul's for dinner

-Elizabeth's for breakfast
-Galatoire's for lunch
-ACME for dinner before flight

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  1. Respectfully suggest you skip Breakfast at Brennan's. Has declined to tourist trap IMHO.

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      Is another good breakfast place? Looked up Ralph's in the Park and Palace Cafe but like alot of other places they are not open Mondays for breakfast. There's Scott Boswell's Restaurant Stanley but I haven't heard alot of feedback on that place. Thanks.

    2. I'd skip Mothers as well.
      Go to the Bon Ton instead.

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        Thanks for the rec. I will do Bon Ton. My friends from Hattiesburg have also recommended that place but I had completely forgotten about it.

      2. Stanley's was great, but they closed for renovations and may not be open yet.

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          Yes, Stanley is still closed.

        2. My vote is for Antoines. I have been twice in the last month, in part because I want to show local support for a venerable institution and in part because I love the place, and have had excellent meals both times. Superb souffle potatoes, pompano, shrimp remoulade, crabmeat ravigote, tenderloin tips with marchand du vin, and oysters foch. I was a little disappointed with the oysters Rockefeller, but I have always liked Galatoire's version better. I plan on returning often.

          In terms of breakfast places, I posted on Eat New Orleans recently. I will be back this weekend.

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            I'm sold. Antoine's it is. Thanks!

          2. Mother's serves breakfast. And any day for breakfast, there's Café du Monde for café au lait and beignets. Save room for lunch.
            Try Casamento's for lunch on Saturday. Look at the photo of their Oyster Loaf in this month's Saveur magazine! Eat a dozen raw to start. Take the Magazine bus from Canal Street to get there and see one of New Orleans' most interesting streets. You can fit in Central on another day when Casamento's is closed.

            For help with addresses, days and hours of operation for local restaurants, try www.nomenu.com

            1. Thanks for the heads up! The oyster loaf does look good. Problem is I'll be arriving in NO at 1:40pm on Sat. and I doubt I can make it to Casamento's before they close at 2. Might need to stop here and ACME on Tuesday for a quick bite before the flight out. Cafe du Monde is definitely on my to do list.

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                Lines can be very, very long at Acme so have a Plan B just in case. You might even want to grab a Muffaletta for the long flight back to the Left Coast.
                Another beloved New Orleans po'boy joint is Parasol's in the Irish Channel at Third and Constance, one block off the Magazine bus line. Their roast beef po'boy is a classic version. Order it "dressed."
                It's good to get out of the tourist sections and see a little of the local scene...
                BTW, when I lived in the French Quarter, we used to stop in restaurants all the time just for a drink and an appetizer. So if you decide to try the Shrimp Remoulade at Arnaud's for a snack, don't be shy.
                Thanks for visiting the city we love so dearly.

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                  Ah yes, Parasol's. I've heard they're one of the best bars in NO. We plan to have brunch at Antoine's at 11 am and since dinner at Commander's is not 'til 9pm we can stop by Parasol's for a mid-afternoon po'boy. Thank you again for all your recommendations and I'll make sure to report back after the trip.

              2. I would switch it and do brunch at commander's and dinner at antoinne's.....unless you have already experinced brunch at commader's

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                  Unfortunately, Antoine's doesn't do dinner on Sundays and I've got other restaurants set for other nights. Otherwise, that would be my choice too.

                2. Fair enough...it would be a big switch, but just to let you know August is open on Sundays, but it is probably a hassle to switch that much....antoine's brunch is good...no worries.

                  1. Ah, that's good to know. August's website says dinner Monday to Saturday but called and yes, they're open on Sunday. Will make the switch. Thanks!

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                      No problem...I don;t know when they started serving on Sundays, but its great because reservation are easy to get that night.

                    2. The brunch to end all brunches, IMHO, is The Court of Two Sisters on Royal Street
                      in the Quarter. Bonus is a jazz group is usually playing