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Jan 23, 2007 08:18 AM

Palo Santo: Any recent visitors?

Our initial experience at Palo Santo was mixed, but occurred shortly after it opened. Always willing to give a restaurant a second chance, I wonder whether any other chowhounds have visited this Union St. restaurant recently.

My prior post:

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  1. I had the chef's tasting menu, and it was one of the most memorable dining experiences I've had in a long time. I sent my husband there with a Haitian friend of his, and they concurred. It was amazing.

    1. I totally agree about the tasting menu. Almost everything we had was delicious (I'd pass on the skewered chicken hearts the next time) and the chef was really nice.

      1. How much is the chef's tasting menu?

        1. I think it was $45 a person? I might be wrong on that, but it's somewhere around there. That did not include wine parings.

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            I've been to Palo Santo twice and was impressed both times. It's really rare to find such quality food and service at their prices.

            The first time I ate there, I had the tasting menu. Delicious.
            Not only did everyone in the restaurant go out of their way to accomodate us, but the whole experience was so intimate -- I felt as though I was having dinner at a close friend's house. As my boyfriend and I sat at the bar and watched the chef prepare our food, he described each dish and then slid it across the bar to us. Everything, from the scallop ceviche to the roasted duck, was fantastic.
            The tasting menu is $45, and we were fed until we thought we'd explode (it's so good, though, you won't want it to end).

            My second meal was brunch -- three crispy chicken tacos with guacamole ($9). While waiting for a table (a baby shower had taken over the back room), I watched the cooks make corn tortillas from scratch and couldn't resist trying them. My boyfriend had the duck mole ($12), which was served with an enormous helping of buttery rice. We topped it off with a whole roasted plaintain ($3) and some sangria and left feeling very, very happy, as did 99% of the people there, judging from their faces.

          2. I have only eaten there once, but I'm dying to go back. I had a scallops special which was amazing and a plantain soup which was also very nice. My only complaint was that they were playing this really chintzy music. However, the food was great.

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              I agree, I highly enjoyed the tasting menu I had 3 weeks ago. I did the wine pairing and it was about 10 courses of food and wine for $75! You can't beat that price, I was very, very impressed. And I totally understand sitting at the bar while you get to watch your courses prepared in front of you. One of the more memorable meals I've had recently, and the staff were wonderful all around. Highly recommended.

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                This restaurant is fantastic! I've eaten there several times, had the tasting menu and wine pairings. The quail appetizer is a standout. The menu changes daily so there is always something new. I highly recommend taking advantage of DIB.

                1. re: sharonm

                  I'm visiting from Toronto this weekend and checked out this place on the recommendation of a friend - it was truly fantastic. We had the tasting menu with wine pairings while sitting at the counter, with the chef Jack coming over to explain each course and wine, despite the restaurant being packed. Highlights included clams in buttery "soppy rice," a delcious ceviche, and the most tender goat I've ever eaten, slow-braised in coconut milk. We also splurged on a foie gras addition, and basically ate and drank until we were at the point of bursting...for $75 (plus foie supplement). I think we had 11 courses - what a bargain.

                  We'll be hitting Momofuku Ssam tonight for the pork butt, and tomorrow night is Babbo, but the weekend could not have gotten off to a better start than it did in this tiny neighbourhood joint near the Gowanus Canal. I'll be back.