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Jan 23, 2007 08:12 AM

Help! Lunch/brunch in gramercy/murray hill

My dad's birthday is on Saturday. My parents are coming into NYC that afternoon to drop my sister off at her photography class, and I was going to meet them for a boozy lunch

Location: low 30s, 20s, or high teens on lex, 2nd, or 3rd avenues (the class is at 22nd & 3rd)
Cuisine: American, French Bistro or Italian
MUST stay open past 2 or 3pm (her class ends at 4).

Any suggestions? It's one of the few areas of NYC that i know very little about.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you are able to go a little further west, there are a lot of places that I like for a long Saturday lunch - Gramercy Tavern (front room - no reservations though - new chef - haven't tried since started), Devi, Artisanal, Bread Bar at Tabla all come to mind. Will post again if I think of something else.

    Edit - just saw that the class ends at 4pm - don't know about the hours at Devi/Bread Bar.

    1. Country (Cafe)
      29th and Madison

      1. what is your budget???

        1. Artisanal appears to be serving all day. It's outside of your ideal location, though.

          1. I second Gramercy Tavern. The front tavern room is open all day on Saturday.