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Del Posto Restaurant Week

I'm going at the end of the week; I've been reluctant about the place since it opened. It seemed a little too, i don't know, roccoco, with the piano Player, gilt, billion dollar legs of lamb on the table, and so on. But then the reviews of the food seemed to get better. Has anyone been already this week or have any idea what's on offer?

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  1. We dined there last week, it was a lovely experience. The space is beautiful and the piano is a nice romantic touch.
    Our food was wonderful and we are looking forward to going back with friends next week.
    i had venison that was cooked to perfection, my husband enjoyed his pork dish as well.
    next on our agenda is the rack of lamb. It looked yummy.
    The service was knowlegable and efficient.
    I hope it won't disappoint the second time around.

    1. I agree with you that the decor in that place is terrible. I felt like I was eating in a Casino.

      The food is good, but it's actually my least favorite of the Batali restaurants in the city that I've been to. I'd go to Lupa over DP any day.

      1. I would be also interested to know if anyone has been there for RW as I am going there this Friday. I'm not really concerned whether I will like the interiors and it's size (I too prefer the cozier places like Lupa) but, would definitely want to know if the food will not be dumbed down for resto week.

        1. I haven't been to Del Posto for restaurant week but i have been there for dinner a couple of times. While i have eaten at all of Mario Batali's restaurants and absolutely love them, Del Posto is very inconsistent. The first time I ate there it was EXCELLENT, then the second time, not so good. We couldn't order half of the menu because apparently there was an "accident" in the kitchen. Of what we did order, it was just OKAY. The dessert is the best part though!

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            hey nikole. so the original pastry chef Tai is not there anymore?

          2. Nikole - was the new Pastry Chef Nicole Kaplan ( formerly from Eleven Madison Park) already on board when you went the last time?

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              i'm not positive on that one, but the desserts were excellent, especially the dessert cart!!

            2. Thanks! I really love desserts so, I'm now looking forward to checking it out this Friday.

              1. I really think that the desserts were the best part. Don't order dessert off the menu until they come around with the dessert cart! Its really the best part!!

                1. This place rocks. I love the bar, with the Club Service. Our bartender (Rich?) was a real pro--Makes for a very classy restaurant. And, yes, the desserts are sublime.

                  1. I honestly don't know how they couldn't dumb it down, so I'm eager to hear a report, as well. When we were there last fall, a companion ordered a GLASS of white wine (she specified "any wine" the bartender recommended) that ended up costing as much as a restaurant week 3-course menu...
                    Please do report back.

                    1. Thanks for the Per Se tip, jasmurph

                      If you don't make it during restaurant week, the enoteca at Del Posto always has a $41 prix fixe. Menu & service are hit-or-miss. Decor reminded me of a mega-Vesuvio's (Artie's resto in the Sopranos). Full review here:


                      1. Here's my report on lunch today.

                        3 options per course. I comment on the items we had.


                        Chicory and Raddichio salad

                        Pasta Fagioli--very good. The kind of thing I wish my grandma made for me growing up instead of boiled cabbage and potatoes.

                        Salumi--3, yes *3*, slices of meat. A sad comparison to the Lupa salumi plate, not only in quantity but in variety. Do you really need to put prosciutto (1 of the 3 slices--can't remember the other two) on a plate by itself in a restaurant--aren't we all getting the same stuff at a decent deli? My wife was hoping for the fennel sausage they serve at Lupa.


                        Halibut with caponata--lovely piece of well cooked fish, nice caponata--not the greatest combo.

                        Garganelli Pasta with Bolognese Ragu--good bolognese, but the pasta was not as well cooked as that we've had at Babbo and Lupa.

                        Pork Loin Arista


                        Semifreddo--Best dish of the lunch. Blood oranges, meringue, other good bits. Odd presentation: it came in a simple glass (like a water glass) on a paper doilly. I kind of felt like Sandra Lee might have put it together, visually. She, of course, would have glue-gunned a picture of Italy or a plastic meatball to it.

                        Yogurt Cheesecake--cheesecake, icecream, pineapple. This was good (how couldn't it be with those ingredients), but i wouldn't be shocked to find the same dish at Applebee's.

                        Some kind of peanut/caramel/chocolate thing.

                        The room was just what I expected. Bellastraniera's comparison to Vesuvio's was dead-on; I felt like asking if Artie was in the kitchen.

                        Service: about as good as a Batali joint gets, which is to say nowhere near as good as it is at 4-star joints.

                        Summary: Okay. If I went to this place in Des Moines, I'd be pleased. But the restaurant so wants you to think it's the pinnacle of Italian and Batali cuisine, so the bar is set high by the place itself. I'll stick with Babbo, Lupa, and Otto.

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                          I was also in Del Posto for lunch...I concur that the desserts are better than the food...I had the peanut,chocolate thing that actually reminds me of a dessert that Claudia Fleming used to served in GT and my friend had the sheepmilk yogurt cheesecake that came with coconut gelato and pineapple -plus foam. Only thing I can say with the food was that as mentioned above by jasmurph the meat plate was pathetic and that the pork loin was very salty. i'm going to just stick with lupa for batali italian.