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Jan 23, 2007 08:06 AM

Del Posto Restaurant Week

I'm going at the end of the week; I've been reluctant about the place since it opened. It seemed a little too, i don't know, roccoco, with the piano Player, gilt, billion dollar legs of lamb on the table, and so on. But then the reviews of the food seemed to get better. Has anyone been already this week or have any idea what's on offer?

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  1. We dined there last week, it was a lovely experience. The space is beautiful and the piano is a nice romantic touch.
    Our food was wonderful and we are looking forward to going back with friends next week.
    i had venison that was cooked to perfection, my husband enjoyed his pork dish as well.
    next on our agenda is the rack of lamb. It looked yummy.
    The service was knowlegable and efficient.
    I hope it won't disappoint the second time around.

    1. I agree with you that the decor in that place is terrible. I felt like I was eating in a Casino.

      The food is good, but it's actually my least favorite of the Batali restaurants in the city that I've been to. I'd go to Lupa over DP any day.

      1. I would be also interested to know if anyone has been there for RW as I am going there this Friday. I'm not really concerned whether I will like the interiors and it's size (I too prefer the cozier places like Lupa) but, would definitely want to know if the food will not be dumbed down for resto week.

        1. I haven't been to Del Posto for restaurant week but i have been there for dinner a couple of times. While i have eaten at all of Mario Batali's restaurants and absolutely love them, Del Posto is very inconsistent. The first time I ate there it was EXCELLENT, then the second time, not so good. We couldn't order half of the menu because apparently there was an "accident" in the kitchen. Of what we did order, it was just OKAY. The dessert is the best part though!

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            hey nikole. so the original pastry chef Tai is not there anymore?

          2. Nikole - was the new Pastry Chef Nicole Kaplan ( formerly from Eleven Madison Park) already on board when you went the last time?

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              i'm not positive on that one, but the desserts were excellent, especially the dessert cart!!