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Jan 23, 2007 08:04 AM

Tuk-Tuk Sacramento - Amazing!

I just had dinner last night at Tuk-Tuk Restaurant in Sacramento. This is undoubtedly the most elegant Thai restaurant in the Sacramento area. It's truly a wonderful escape from the mundane world. Wonderful tasty Thai food, beautifully presented. The servers are friendly, helpful, and attentive. They gladly will accommodate you and adjust the level of "heat" to any amount of spiciness that you may desire. I strongly recommend that you check it out and see if you agree.

Tuk-Tuk Restaurant
4630 Natomas Blvd, #150
Sacramento, CA 95835
(916) 575-7957

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  1. They don't have sushi?! Everyone was saying that Tuk-Tuk was a sushi joint?! Good surprise!

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    1. re: jRLuNAS

      Why would a Thai place have sushi? I haven't seen Japanese food in a Thai place. Great to read about so many wonderful places to eat in Sacto. I have family there and have to go there at times.

      1. re: jRLuNAS

        being that a tuk tuk is a Thai motorcycle taxi, I am going to go ahead and venture that the only person who would ever imagine, even for a moment, that they had sushi is someone who knows very little about Thailand or Japan (since there are no tuk tuks in Japan).

        BTW, Tuk Tuk is very good, and somewhat authentic (they do have khao soy (sp?), one of my favorite soups, one of the best street foods of northern Thailand), but it's really aimed at white people - suburban Thai food - not that there's anything wrong with that. It's definitely not like the downtown Thai places where you'll find some Thai customers. It's still quite good though.

        As a poster below notes, many of the Americanized versions of Southern Thai dishes, all very popular here in the US, are not available here.

        1. re: hewn

          you're so lucky to have kao soy so close to you. i've only had it in thailand and i love it! i wish there were places here in so cal to get kao soy. it's my favorite too!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I live in North Natomas and my fiancé and I were driving past the restaurant on our way home. We saw the Grand Opening sign and thought we would check out this new restaurant. We walked in and were floored at this incredibly beautiful place. Upon entering, we were warmly greeted by the service staff. The tables offer a choice of comfortable seats either in padded chairs or on wooden benches covered with plush pillows. We opted to sit at the bar for a quick dinner.

          The textures throughout the restaurant are stunning featuring dark wooden panels, soft glowing candles, breathtaking sand sculpture wall art as well as a very unique chandelier hanging over the main entrance. The decor was even more dramatic at the bar with a crushed glass front panel with embedded leaf filigree, black marble counters and beautiful waterfall fountains on either side of the glass-shelved bottles. An illuminated display of vodkas glows on either corner behind the bartender. We ordered a few cocktails, an Amaretto Sour and a Raspberry Lemon Drop, garnished with a brown sugared rim and watched the plasma screen TV while we waited for out meals. The bartender even handed me the remote so I could find something we'd like to watch.

          We ordered the Pad Thai and the Yellow Curry Chicken. Both were excellent: a combination of bold seasonings and subtle flavors that blended together into excellent presentation. The food looked as good as it tasted. The portions were generous and we ended up taking the leftovers home. Our entire meal with two cocktails including tip was $36.00, very reasonable for the food and the service.

          You have got to see this place for yourself. It is magnificent and the food is phenomenal. I recommend this place to anyone who wants a break from the drab and boring Asian cuisine previously available in Sacramento. I plan to take my fiancé’s parents there for dinner in a few weeks. This would also score some incredible points on a first date!

          1. Ate at Tuk Tuk the other evening and have to agree with the other 2 posters. Atmosphere is great, attentive waitress, and food was tasty, but like most Asian cuisine, the area where the owner and cooks were raised determines their type of cuisine. If your looking for glass noodle stuffed chicken wings, Yum Yai Salad, different types of Pad Thai, and actual pieces of barbequed chicken with the sweet hot chili sauce this is not the restaurant for you. Was disappointed in the menu, was not as extensive as I had hoped. Don't know if it was great enough to go back.

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              1. re: mudster

                Ah, yesssss....the kao soy is WONDERFUL! They top it with thinly-fried noodles. I have been to Tuk-Tuk 5 times and have never been unhappy.

                1. re: jennyfur

                  Is it a chain? I see that there is one in LA and in New York too.

                  1. re: melly

                    Not that it should matter, but the website for the Tuk Tuk in Sacramento does not mention the LA and New York restaurants. It looks like Tuk Tuk is the name of an auto rickshaw used in Thailand, so I am guessing it is a common name for a Thai restaurant. I have heard many good things about Tuk Tuk and will try and make it to Natomas.

                    It is nice to see that the suburbs are getting a lot of respect for having Chow-worthy restaurants and giving the urban core places a run for the money. There's gold in dem dar tract houses!

                  2. re: jennyfur

                    I'm happy to report that the khao soy at Tuk-Tuk is still delicious. I picked up an order for lunch today, and it was lovely - and nice and spicy, too, per my request.

                    Haven't tried the other items on the menu yet, but I'm encouraged by the khao soy - I'll definitely be back!

              2. This place is awesome!!! This is actually the best tasting and most flavorful thai food in sacramento. The exotic cocktails are fantastic and there is a wide selection of wine to match the food. The servers are fun and responsive and the ambience, wow!! The presentation of the cocktails to the food are upscale and eye popping. You can eat the food and drinks with your eyes. Love it!!!!