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Jan 23, 2007 08:04 AM

Nice, but not too expensive in Boston Common Area

Does anyone know of a place that is nice, but not too expensive in the Boston Common Area to go to Dinner? I am looking to spend around $100-$125. Open to any cuisine, but would like the place to be somewhat romantic?

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  1. I think Teatro is one of the best bargains for an upscale restaurant in the area. Two people can spit the antipasto plate and each order a half order of pasta, and walk away VERY sated at a very reasonable price. It's a very pretty room, and prior noise complaints have been addressed with the addition of accoustic tiles along the walls.

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    1. re: Blumie

      I was going to make the *exact* same suggestion. :)

      1. re: kittychow

        Me too :). Les Zyg is also not a bad choice, though a bit further from the Common.

        1. re: cmd

          Zyg's a 6 block walk down essex street from the ritz towers. If you're on the otherside of the common then copley area is your answer. Go to jarne for a drink then walk to zygomates for a steak frites and the very best goat cheese salad in boston

    2. Les Zygomates on South Street (Leather District), Mistral in Theater District, no. 9 park, 29 newbury, or maybe my sleeper favorite jarne in the ritz towers

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        Good suggestions, but I would not include most of these in the "not too expensive" category.

        1. re: Blumie

          They're not TOO bad, in the $18-30 range as opposed to the $22-40 range of Troquet. And you can get the 3 course deal at Les Zyg. But if you want to split a bunch of stuff, Teatro would be the most romantic. I don't think of Teatro as terribly romantic.

      2. Is Lala Rokh still around? I remember that place as having a romantic and cozy atmosphere with very good Persian food not too far away from the common.

        1. Grotto is close to the Common and in my opinion is an excellent deal with very tasty food. The atmosphere is cozy and I found it to be rather romantic, but if you prefer a more "secluded" romantic atmosphere it would not be your best choice.

          1. Teatro is your place! You might also try Silvertone, although not very romantic the prices are great.