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Best Place to Get an Eggplant Sub?

Not to paraphrase Christopher Walken, but I got a fever, and the only prescription is a good eggplant sub. I realize there are hundreds of sub shops around Boston (as well as many pubs and full-service restaurants) that have eggplant subs, but I want nothing but the best.

Any thoughts? I'm willing to go nearly anywhere inside Route 128 (or just outside of it).

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  1. Victor's Deli in Somerville (near soundbites - is that Ball Square?) Hands down the best parm subs ever. Get one veal and one eggplant, bring a dining companion, and share each. Oh, my they are good.

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      Awesome. I drive through Ball Square all the time. Maybe I'll head over this week. Thanks!

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        Be sure to call ahead. Sometimes they run out. (It's all cooked fresh, but I suspect everything is prepped for the day. I've gone in there and asked for eggplant. They say they don't have any left. But then they see the pitiful look on my face and they make it anyway--but it will take 20 minutes).

        Also, their hours are limited. They might close at 5 or 6.

        710 Broadway
        Somerville, MA 02144
        (617) 625-3076

        Here's a menu:

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          I believe they still close at 5. They experimented with longer hours a couple years ago but I guess it didn't work out.

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        IMO Victor's Eggplant as well as there other stuff is not great. I don't understand why people like this place. The best eggplant sub I have ever eaten is from Vinny's on Broadway. THey do not make it on the w/e ... good god I think I need one now:)

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          I also don't understand the love affair with Victor's. I've been much happier with my chicken parm at Bob's in Medford Square, though I admit I've never had either the veal or the eggplant.


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            I have had both the chicken and veal pam from Bob's on Main Street in Medford. When I order the sandwiches I get them with "light on the sauce". They will put less tomato sauce on the braided roll. Otherwise it gets very messy but it's also very tasty! I used to go to Victor's on Broadway in Somerville but it's hard to find a parking spot on Broadway. Also Bob's quality and quantity is far superior than Victor's in my opinion.

      3. The eggplant at Domenic's in Waltham gets lots of good feedback on here. I can't vouch specifically for the eggplant, but I've liked everthing else.

        1. Dominic's in Waltham ( a little past where main st divides into 117 and 20) is the best in Boston. The eggplant is cut just right, cooked just right,the sauce is great and the bread terrific and baked on the premisis.
          Very good is Napoli's in Watertown sq.

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            I literally just finished eating the eggplant from Dominic's, the first time I've gotten it there, and have to say it's probably the best eggplant sandwich I've ever had. Wow!

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              Domenic's does a couple of types of eggplant sandwiches, both outstanding, in part because of baked-on-premises ciabatta. The eggplant parm is really good, and the melanzane is superb, done "al funghetto', i.e., gently sauteed might you like cook mushrooms, topped with smoked mozz and fresh basil.

            2. I would recommend Vinny's Superette on Broadway in Somerville or Bob's on Main Street in Medford. Both places have very good eggplant subs. Nice homemade eggplant with a little sauce and grated cheese in a nice sub roll. Mmmm!

              1. Artu has an eggplant parmesan sub, in addition to its highly-regarded lamb-and-marinated-eggplant sub. I have not had the eggplant-only version, but it seems that Artu does eggplant-type sandwiches right.

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                  The Artu homemade marinated eggplant is the best I've had in Boston and I believe you can get it on a number of Artu's sub offerings, and not only with the lamb. I definitely recommend, but be warned - it has quite a surprising kick to it...Not the breaded/fried eggplant taste at all.

                2. Sessa's Italian speciality store in Somerville (Highkan Ave in Davis Sq.) makes one of the best eggplant parm subs anywhere. The key is its sauce - a fine marinara -- and minimal breading. They use fresh Italian bread too. It's a bit pricey ($6 for a small, $7 for a large on my last visit), but so worth it.

                  1. Try Mirasola's in Southie. Located at the intersection of "L" & East Eighth Sts. I'm not a big eggplant eater, but theirs is fantastic. Everything they have is great. You won't be disapointed.

                    1. il panino express in the north end.

                      1. I love love love Milano's - 978 Saratoga St, East Boston - not just the eggplant sub which is PHE-NOM-INAL! but everything else too. It's in the square off Bennington St, sort of across from the T-Station. Really good!

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                          Is Milano's a sub shop? Do they have pizza there?

                        2. the best eggplant sub is at mangia mangia on endicott st. in the north end!!
                          hurry they close around 3pm.!! awsome--homemade!!

                          Frankie Imbergamo

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                            Me and a buddy had veal parm subs at Mangia Mangia the other day. Delicious -- it was nice to get veal that tastes like veal, and huge -- but it gave us both serious heartburn and indigestion afterward. It's a cool little place, though: will have to try the eggplant next time.

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                              Yes - one of my favourite sub places in the NE.

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                                I'll fourth that suggestion. Call ahead if it's after 2 or so -- they sometimes run out of eggplant and when it's gone, it's gone.

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                                  tried the eggplant and the eggplant was very good, but I thought the roll really sucked. Much too doughy for my tastes. It didn't taste like it came from any North End breadmakers.

                                2. Yes they have excellent pizza as well.

                                  1. North shore...Giovannis 's Lowell and Lake Streets, west Peabody. The eggplant is nice and crispy, even with the sauce and cheese over it. yum!

                                    1. Emilio's in East Watertown (across the little square from the Deluxe Town Diner) does an excellent eggplant sub. They also will prepare a take-out foil tub of prepared eggplant, cheese and sauce for a magnificent meal at home. What a great way to enjoy this wonderful food that can be bothersome to prepare at home. Plus, Irene behind the counter at Emilio's (she's his wife) is great.

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                                        I was working my way down the thread to put in a recommendation for this place.

                                        Though my usual order is their meatball sub with a side of eggplant which i layer in as per Crudele's "On the Cheap" column in the old Phoenix.

                                        Then a nap.

                                      2. Best eggplant parm- Armandos on the corner of concord and huron in cambridge. good sclice of sicilian too.

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                                          That reminds me of another good one: Cheddars Pizzeria (terrible name) near Alewife. He does (or used to, it's been a while) a tray of baked eggplant every day for subs which is lovely, full of eggplant flavor, not greasy. He often runs out, so earlier is likelier to score one.

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                                            Oh God, not Cheddars. I used to go there all the time when I worked on Fawcett Street. Those guys are so rude in there that it's hilarious. I can't tell you how much abuse I got from them (you have to order fast, then immediately step to the left, much like the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld). Definitely good subs, though.

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                                              Wow. I've never experienced that from them. I always found the guys and their mom very amusing. I don't generally go for lunch though, just dinner. And, they do have my favorite cheesesteak and mushroom sandwich though.

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                                                I tend to be a slow orderer. They REALLY don't like that at Cheddar's. ;-b

                                                I totally agree with you about the cheesesteak. I really miss getting it there.

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                                                  Didn't someone say the guys there were nicer to female customers than males? My one time, they were very sweet and kept half of the steak & cheese on the plate and wrapped the other half for me to take home. No problems at all.

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                                                    I remember that too. However, my husband usually picks up our take out and he has never complained about the service there.

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                                                      Yes, they treat women much nicer than men. When I went with a couple of female co-workers, they were treated like royalty, while they usually looked at me like I was an uninvited guest.

                                                      I'm not complaining, though; the subs were great and the guys behind the counter really did make me laugh (especially when they ripped into people other than me!).

                                          2. ABC Pizza. Mass Ave Central Sq Cambridge. Same hot out the oven for over 35 years. Yum Yum

                                            1. I like the grilled eggplant sub at Bob's in Medford. Eggplant, provolone, roasted red pepper. Hots don't hurt. Nice smoky flavor, relatively ungreasy (this is the only Bob's sub I can eat more than the smallest size of--been known to polish off a jumbo).

                                              1. The best I've had is (of course I can't remember the name) the sandwich/sub place on Cambridge St. in East Cambridge by the Middlesex Courthouse. Home wonderful sauce and crispy on the outside tender on the inside eggplant. No to be missed!

                                                  1. Center Deli in dedham is the i have had

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                                                      I had an eggplant sub takeout from Sam and Joes in Danvers that I cant get off my mind! I ate there once and didnt like it that much and dont love their pizza either but this eggplant sub was memorable. It was a bit pricey for a sub but delish. It was actually open faced on a braided roll, cripsy and not seedy and smothered in cheese. Its really old school drippy and gooey and flavorful. Egglplant parm dinner is really good at Toscanas in Peabody, Supinos does eggplant parm in a bread bowl which hubby loved once but not the second time. He thought the second time it tasted microwaved.
                                                      Tony Pillas in the hotel at the Woburn theaters was the biggest cheesiest sub ever but it was seedy eggplant. Dont know if everyone else also prefers non-seedy eggplant. My mom said the best os Comellas in west newton. I used to like their "mess".

                                                    2. Domenic's in Waltham is the best eggplant pannini I've ever had. I've never had the
                                                      subs at Vinnie's of Bob's. They are definately on my list.

                                                      Caruso's in Melrose has excellent traditional eggplant parm subs.

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                                                        Is this the place at the 117/20 split? If so, I couldn't find it. Is it on 117 towards Maynard?

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                                                          If you are on Main st (Waltham) going west stay to the right. That's 117. Dominic's is on the right (next to a laundromat) a few small streets down, parking lot on the corner. If you see Prospect Hill rd you just passed it. Easy to miss , worth looking for.

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                                                          Caruso's has been closed for a few years. The old man died and they look like they are finally cleaning the place out. I don't believe he was ever married so no heirs to carry on the name.

                                                          1. re: MeffaBabe

                                                            Useful update on Caruso's since this is a very old thread that got bumped recently. Kingbee's post recommending Caruso's was written in March of 2007.

                                                        3. GIANNI'S IN NEEDHAM, 853 Highland Ave. Needham, MA. Makes the best.
                                                          This is one thread that is probably the best thread on the web. I LOVE EGGPLANT SUBS. I've been to many many places in my 42 years to find the best Eggplant Sub. I've worked in restaurants and seen it done wrong at so many places. I love to make my own. I'm also a Vegan, I didn't start my Eggplant eating days off this way so I've had plenty with cheese. Today I don't get cheese when I eat out and I ask for mushrooms, maybe hots or peppers, extra sauce. Hands down throughout New England I honestly think the best Eggplant sub is made at GIANNI'S IN NEEDHAM, They make the bread, the eggplant is breaded and baked by them, they also make the sauce.
                                                          If the eggplant is frozen, if the bread is a basic sub roll, kind of hard, if the cheese is from some unknown company and your sauce is not made on site and you deep fry your eggplant, you are doing it wrong. I'm going to try these suggestions especially the ones in Somerville, since I just moved to it and I hope people keep adding to this thread.

                                                          1. Though it isn't a sub, the best eggplant sandwich I have had in years was at Cutty's in Brookline- the Eggplant Spuckie with roasted eggplant, mozzarella cheese, and olive/carrot salad on a ciabatta roll.

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                                                              Best eggplant sandwich I've had is Strip T's eggplant Bahn mi. I think it even got best of Boston this year for sandwich.

                                                            2. Did you ever go the Santoro's on Rt. 1 in Saugus?


                                                              1. Casa Razdora downtown - various eggplant specials Tues, Wed, and Thurs - Wed is the most classic for putting on a sub - perfect and delicious.

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                                                                  Just had the eggplant parm from Casa Razdora (I opted for it on its own without sub roll) and it was incredible. Easily the best eggplant parm I have ever had. Nice portion for under $7 too.

                                                                2. here's a thread highly recommending Marco's in Peabody