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Jan 23, 2007 07:56 AM

Best Place to Get an Eggplant Sub?

Not to paraphrase Christopher Walken, but I got a fever, and the only prescription is a good eggplant sub. I realize there are hundreds of sub shops around Boston (as well as many pubs and full-service restaurants) that have eggplant subs, but I want nothing but the best.

Any thoughts? I'm willing to go nearly anywhere inside Route 128 (or just outside of it).

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  1. Victor's Deli in Somerville (near soundbites - is that Ball Square?) Hands down the best parm subs ever. Get one veal and one eggplant, bring a dining companion, and share each. Oh, my they are good.

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      Awesome. I drive through Ball Square all the time. Maybe I'll head over this week. Thanks!

      1. re: hiddenboston

        Be sure to call ahead. Sometimes they run out. (It's all cooked fresh, but I suspect everything is prepped for the day. I've gone in there and asked for eggplant. They say they don't have any left. But then they see the pitiful look on my face and they make it anyway--but it will take 20 minutes).

        Also, their hours are limited. They might close at 5 or 6.

        710 Broadway
        Somerville, MA 02144
        (617) 625-3076

        Here's a menu:

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          I believe they still close at 5. They experimented with longer hours a couple years ago but I guess it didn't work out.

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        IMO Victor's Eggplant as well as there other stuff is not great. I don't understand why people like this place. The best eggplant sub I have ever eaten is from Vinny's on Broadway. THey do not make it on the w/e ... good god I think I need one now:)

        1. re: Redhohoho

          I also don't understand the love affair with Victor's. I've been much happier with my chicken parm at Bob's in Medford Square, though I admit I've never had either the veal or the eggplant.


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            I have had both the chicken and veal pam from Bob's on Main Street in Medford. When I order the sandwiches I get them with "light on the sauce". They will put less tomato sauce on the braided roll. Otherwise it gets very messy but it's also very tasty! I used to go to Victor's on Broadway in Somerville but it's hard to find a parking spot on Broadway. Also Bob's quality and quantity is far superior than Victor's in my opinion.

      3. The eggplant at Domenic's in Waltham gets lots of good feedback on here. I can't vouch specifically for the eggplant, but I've liked everthing else.

        1. Dominic's in Waltham ( a little past where main st divides into 117 and 20) is the best in Boston. The eggplant is cut just right, cooked just right,the sauce is great and the bread terrific and baked on the premisis.
          Very good is Napoli's in Watertown sq.

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            I literally just finished eating the eggplant from Dominic's, the first time I've gotten it there, and have to say it's probably the best eggplant sandwich I've ever had. Wow!

            1. re: catspercapita

              Domenic's does a couple of types of eggplant sandwiches, both outstanding, in part because of baked-on-premises ciabatta. The eggplant parm is really good, and the melanzane is superb, done "al funghetto', i.e., gently sauteed might you like cook mushrooms, topped with smoked mozz and fresh basil.

            2. I would recommend Vinny's Superette on Broadway in Somerville or Bob's on Main Street in Medford. Both places have very good eggplant subs. Nice homemade eggplant with a little sauce and grated cheese in a nice sub roll. Mmmm!

              1. Artu has an eggplant parmesan sub, in addition to its highly-regarded lamb-and-marinated-eggplant sub. I have not had the eggplant-only version, but it seems that Artu does eggplant-type sandwiches right.

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                  The Artu homemade marinated eggplant is the best I've had in Boston and I believe you can get it on a number of Artu's sub offerings, and not only with the lamb. I definitely recommend, but be warned - it has quite a surprising kick to it...Not the breaded/fried eggplant taste at all.