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Jan 23, 2007 07:26 AM

So Ken's really exists?

I've given up trying to figure out how to do an advanced search on this new-fangled site (and I'm clearly not alone since the site talk board is having troubles keeping up with the bitching). Anyway, I guess I never really admitted to myself until now that the salad dressings actually come from a real place. Is it better than, say, the Hilltop? Frank's?

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    1. Someone told me that Ken had murdered someone in the parking lot in the 70's and gotten away with it!
      So we had to go to the original one in Framingham, or wherever it is. The carpets still had the faint smell of cigarettes and the food pretty much sucked. But it was packed on a week night (?) people like institutions I guess.

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        1. re: hazel ambrose

          That and a relative lack of options in the immediate area unless you like chains.

        2. i only use Ken's salad dressings for marinades.

          1. Associated only by name these days. Classic tale, starts bottling house dressing, rift between family members/ business partners. Kens Foods (the salad dressing) for some time has been a completely seperate entity ( also does condiments for the food service industry). Stay away from the restaurant, after my experience, I may never be able to eat prime rib again.

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            1. re: Food4Thought

              I believe there are still some financial entanglements between the Hatfields & McCoys :-)

            2. The sole purpose of going there is to feel young and get ripped off. It's the only restaurant I've ever been to where I wanted my money back.

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              1. re: tomaneng

                Feel young how? Because everyone else will be 90?