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Jan 23, 2007 07:24 AM

Coffee shops / cafes w/free wireless internet?

Hi all..

Help me kick my Starbucks / TMobile habbit. This costs me $20 / month extra to TMobile (on top of my cell phone bill), plus at least one $4 overpriced beverage every time I go. Except for the convinience of having a Starbucks at just about every 2nd or 3rd intersection in LA, there's not too much to be said for this arrangement. So, I'd like to know, are there any mom & pop places (or other chains) around town that offer free wireless internet and will let me plug my laptop in to a power socket for a few hours? And will any of these not rip me off $4 every time I wish to sip the Elixir of the Bean?

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  1. What neighborhood are you in? In the OC, Diedrich has free WiFi, as well as Tully's.

    Unfortunately, I would have recommended T on Fairfax but they've closed. :(

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      T on Fairfax is closed?!? Didn't it just open a couple of months ago?? Boohoo!

      Also, if you're in Burbank, the Starbucks store at the Great Indoors has free Wi-Fi and power outlets. I accidentally discovered it a couple of months ago. There's no ambience, but you can get your work done.

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        Starbucks recently bought up Diedrichs, I know that they're converting some of them to Starbucks, but I'm not sure if that's the case with all of them

      2. I know the Red Cat Lounge (SW corner of the Disney Concert Hall complex) has free wireless, but never tried it myself, nor do I know the pricing on the drinks. But a full-service bar with internet sounds pretty nice!

        1. They are not exactly free, but I know of a few places that have free WiFi with Purchase (Which is only fair I suppose)

          In Los Feliz there is Psychobabble - on Vermont, near Franklin (They are open late)

          In Eagle Rock:

          1. Swork on the corner of Eagle Rock Blvd and Colorado
          2. Goya Cafe about two blocks south of Swork on Eagle Rock Blvd

          I also know of the iCafe on Baldwin in Arcadia in the same mall as the Pavilions and Burlington Coat Factory.

          1. Here's a past thread that might help.


            As stated somewhere in the middle of it, my personal favorite is Synergy Cafe on Overland in Culver City. Excellent. And Legal Grind on Santa Monica Blvd. and 6th St. in Santa Monica is very good. They may be a chain. Come to think of it there's a very good place on Santa Monica Blvd. near Gardner in WeHo, European Cafe or something, sorry I don't remember; but the owner is very proud of his homemade cheesecake. It is made with pride. Of course, the Panera Bread chain also offers free internet or, at least, the new one in the Marina in the same center at the new Peet's. Have fun.

            1. cafe americano on wilton and wilshire has delish coffee and free wireless. it's a "korean" type coffee place but don't worry. all the counter people there speak perfect english (or close to it)

              swingers on beverly and SM blvd has free wireless as well